How to Prevent Your Pet Dog from Blepping

To every pet owner, their pet is precious. No matter what your pet does, it is adorable, except for when it may be misbehaving. It is endearing to see your pet making noises in their sleep, or you may be excited to capture your dog chasing its tail on video.

However, when you notice your dog with tongue out while resting or sleeping, it is understandable for you to feel a little worried. The proper term for when a pet sticks its tongue out when sleeping is blepping.

While it is not unusual, many pet owners see it as a sign that they have failed to keep their pets from feeling happy and healthy. So, what is the reason behind blepping, and can you prevent it?

Understanding the Reasons for Blepping

Usually, blepping is found more commonly with cats, but dogs with tongue out are relatively common. There may be several reasons for your dog blepping, and not all of them are a cause of concern.

A Big Tongue

Sometimes your dog’s tongue may be too big for its mouth. To stay comfortable and allow it to rest more comfortably, a dog may stick its tongue out when sleeping. To know whether or not this is the case, you need to know how often your dog bleps when they are resting.

Hanging Tongue Syndrome

Generally, hanging tongue syndrome may not always be a cause of concern. However, you may want to take a trip to the vet to confirm whether this is the case. With hanging tongue syndrome, your dog’s tongue may become dry and chapped due to hanging outside for long hours. Hence, a visit to the vet will help you understand how you can prevent your dog’s mouth from drying out too much.


Another reason for seeing your dog with its tongue out can be an injury to its jaw, teeth, or perhaps to the tongue. If your dog generally does not blep and has been in a scuffle recently, an injury may cause this issue.

In this case, visit the vet so that they can look further into your dog’s injury and determine how you should care for it. Your dog’s blepping may be a sign of distress and a way to ask for help. With jaw or teeth injury, you need to take precautions to ensure your dog’s health, and the vet can guide you with the steps.


Pet owners know that it can sometimes be impossible for them to get their pets to drink even a single drop of water, setting out dishes everywhere may not work as your dog may only want to drink fresh water, under such circumstances, it is easy to see how your dog may become dehydrated even after your best attempts.

If your dog is generally prone to not drinking enough water and you notice them sticking their tongue out, dehydration may be one of the causes. Sticking their tongue out helps the dog to cool off and makes them feel more comfortable. If you suspect that dehydration may be the cause of your dog blepping, ensure that you visit the vet soon.

While dehydration is easy enough to combat at home, you may want a few additional tips on how to care for your dehydrated dog. You can also try out various methods for keeping your dog hydrated, such as using a pet fountain or feeding them through a sipper bottle.

Now that you know a little more about blepping, it is easy to see that it is not just a way for animals to act cute. While cats are more famously known for blepping, it is common for dogs as well. Knowing whether your dog blepping is a cause of concern ensures that you observe their usual sleeping position; if you see them blep often enough, and their tongue looks healthy, it is nothing to worry about!

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