How To Pump Serious, Long-Lasting Volume Into Your Waves and Curls

Whether we have coils, waves, or corkscrews, curly girls all want the same thing. We want curls that bounce, shine, and show off our natural volume. How do you get big, bold curls that last all day? Follow our tips to find out.

 Why Is Your Hair Flat?

 Curls have built-in volume, but sometimes, they need a little help to look their full, gorgeous best. If your curls are falling flat, give your styling routine a checkup.

 • Dryness: Curls need a lot of moisture. If your tresses are misbehaving, start using deep conditioning treatments and leave-in conditioners.

 • Product buildup: Silicones, oils, and other products can make your hair smooth and shiny, but they build up. Removing them will make your hair bounce again.

 • Damage: Heat styling, rough handling, and harsh shampoos can all inflict damage on your hair. Damaged hair lacks body and shine.

Turn Up the Volume

 The good news is that a few simple switches to your routine will give you the big, bouncy curls you crave.

Start with the Right Shampoo

 The easiest way to get a volume boost is to use a volumizing shampoo. Look for a shampoo that says “body boosting” or “volumizing” on the label. These shampoos work by cleaning your hair deeply to remove anything that might weigh it down. You can get the same effect by using a clarifying shampoo, which is designed to remove product buildup from hair.

 Hints and tips:

 • Clarifying will give you an instant lift, but it’s not enough on its own. You still need to follow up with the right styling techniques.

 • These shampoos can be drying, so don’t use them all the time, and always use conditioners.

Set It with Rollers

 If you’ve written off rollers as old-fashioned, it’s time to rethink your attitude. Roller sets are all the rage again, and they’re ideal for curly hair. Why would you need rollers if you already have curls? Here’s why:

 • They’re a low-heat, no-damage styling tool.

 • You get smooth, silky curls that last.

 • Rollers give you amazing volume.

 If you’re ready to give rollers a whirl, choose a set that’s designed for curly hair. We like the Ceramic Thermal Rollers from Kitsch. They use ceramic technology to distribute heat evenly from your blow dryer to your hair. This creates smooth, silky curls with all-day bounce and volume.

 These rollers combine the best of roller sets with the most innovative styling technology. Like all Kitsch products, they’re in a fun, glam style and come at an affordable price.

 Hints and tips:

 • Use these rollers as the finishing touch when drying your hair.

 • Place rollers near the top of your head for the most lift.

Fluff Your Roots

 If you want to get and keep volume, make a habit of periodically fluffing your roots. How do you do it? You just flip your head forward, put your fingers on the roots, and fluff your hair gently. This simple move gives you a mini scalp massage, too!

 Hints and tips:

 • To avoid creating frizz, only do this on dry hair.

 • You can repeat this method any time you need to pump up your curls.

Take It Up

 Getting sky-high volume in your curls doesn’t require a lot of work. Start with the right shampoo, use rollers, fluff it, and go. With the right styling tools and techniques, your big, bouncing curls will last all day.

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