How to Relieve Neck Pain

A sore neck can do more than just cause pain and discomfort, being able to affect your ability to concentrate throughout the day and get to sleep at night. Around 30% of people reported neck pain in 2010, with that number rising in correlation with the use of technology. Looking down at a phone, laptop or other similar device is the most common cause of neck pain as the hunched position you put yourself in strains the soft tissues and muscles in the neck.

Neck pain doesn’t just occur overnight, slowly building up until it becomes a noticeable problem. Find out how you can alleviate your neck pain and get back to living life without a stiff neck distracting you.

Improve Your Posture

It’s not easy to reverse bad postural habits, taking time and persistence to start seeing improvements. Getting up every now and then to move around and stretch will help you avoid getting your neck stuck in an awkward position and start to correct your unhealthy posture. Chiropractor Shane Hennig from Body Focus Chiropractic notes that posture is the number one cause of back pain and associated alignment issues, so resolving posture issues will assist in building better neurological health.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

People have unknowingly been compromising their health for the use of technology, specifically phones, computers, and laptops. Repositioning your desktop monitor to be at eye level or using a tablet propped up at an angle and not laying flat are examples of ergonomic changes you can make to help prevent further neck strain.

Exercising Caution

Acting recklessly when it comes to physical activity can be dangerous for more than just your neck. If you need to lift a heavy object, assess the situation realistically and ask for help if you think you might need it. If you go to the gym, ensure that you have the correct form when working out to prevent unnecessary pain or injuries.

Getting Good Sleep

It may be hard to get a good night’s rest with a sore neck but getting a healthy amount of sleep can help alleviate your neck pain. Sleeping on your side or back cause the least strain to your neck, making sure your neck is well supported. Using the right type and number of pillows is important as well if your neck is supported too much then the neck will stay flexed overnight and you’ll wake up feeling even worse.

Preventing Pain

Being aware of how neck pain can affect your life, whether that’s from personal experience or from learning about it, will make you more conscious about your life choices in regard to your neck. The implementation of our previous pieces of advice will not only help to alleviate your neck pain but will also aid in the prevention of future neck problems when you get better.

A sore and stiff neck will hamper your lifestyle in worse ways than just physical pain. Whether you are currently experiencing neck pain or are worried about straining your neck, enhancing your day-to-day lifestyle to alleviate and prevent neck problems is quite simple. Just remember that although it takes time to set in good habits and reverse your bad bad ones, it is definitely worth it for your wellbeing.

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