How to Relieve Your Dog’s Stress

Dogs are man’s best friend. They provide comfort, and joy, and are the most loveable addition to any family. It can be understood that sometimes certain things may affect your furry companion’s emotions, thus leading to your dog acting differently or behaving oddly.

For some dogs, this may be due to boredom which can be brought on by a lack of physical or even mental stimulation. It must be remembered that dogs have personalities too, they cannot survive in an environment where they are not nurtured or are left alone for long periods.

This can cause separation anxiety and other mental issues which in turn, have a massive effect on a dog’s mental health, ultimately causing them stress. Here is how you can relieve your dog’s stress.


CBD oil can be beneficial in aiding the relief of your dog’s stress. One of its main advantages is that it does not contain the psychoactive ingredient of THC, which means that your dog will not experience side effects, but can still enjoy the instant stress relief and the anti-anxiety properties.

Professionals from Honest Paws market a CBD oil specially designed for dogs, which is crucial as administering CBD to your dogs needs to be made for them specifically. Indeed, CBD offers many benefits, and extensive research was undertaken to establish whether it could benefit our pups, and it was conclusively proven that it can.


Exercise is a great way to reduce stress in dogs. Not only is it beneficial as it works out your pet’s entire body and allows them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also allows them to be in a different environment and not be limited to the same four walls that they spend their time in every morning, noon, and night. Daily exercise is the simplest and easiest way to reduce stress any method of physical activity will allow your anxious pet to take a breath of fresh air and unwind.

Remove Triggers

It is of the utmost importance that as an owner, you fulfill your duty towards your dog by ensuring that you take care and provide the best support for your dog. When you notice that your pet is acting strange, a concern may arise as your dog may be fearful, stressed, anxious, and even depressed. You must recognize when your dog is feeling like this, to allow them to be in a safe environment.

It may be beneficial to identify what causes your dog tension and remove these triggers from your home or route. This may be in the form of a person or any other animal that they come across on their daily walk. To avoid causing your dog to become distressed it may be a good idea to avoid taking your dog to big parks or to avoid taking them on walks during busy times in the day. This will not only benefit your dog but will also allow you the peace of knowing that your furry partner will enjoy their time outdoors, and be safe.

Calming Noises

Background noise, although very minimal, can aid in the relief of worried dogs. It has been proven that classical music or soothing whale sounds can create a warm and cozy environment for your dog and significantly relax them. These noises are especially beneficial when you are not at home or are absent due to whatever reason.

These soothing noises provide comfort and joy, thus creating a relaxing environment where our dogs are nurtured and are left comfortable. This then allows the dog to forget that their owner is preoccupied and allows them to focus on the noises.


It is very important that, as an owner, you are patient with your dog, and spend time with them. It can not be argued that at times, it can be very difficult to be a dog owner, especially when your dog is barking or pulling on a lead, or acting aloof. However, you must remain calm as dogs can pick up on emotions and if we succumb to their tantrums they will continue to behave inappropriately to antagonize us.

 It should be noted that good behavior deserves rewards but bad behavior does not; if you provide them with treats to soothe them, they will quickly learn that this sort of behavior will earn them indulgences and will perpetuate this behavior.


Usually, medication is not advised when your dog has started to display signs of stress. However, there are anti-anxiety medications available for your dog if other solutions are not working and are not helping your dog’s mental well-being. There are also natural alternatives on the market that can be used to prevent your dog from being stressed.


It is significant to have a strong bond with your dog, they are the best thing you could ever have and the best friend you could ever want. It is important to support your dog and provide an environment that is a haven that can be associated with joy. If your dog is struggling, you must contact a vet at the earliest convenience who can provide you and your dog with the correct support networks.

Support Your Dog

Naturally, dogs get stressed out at times, whether it be due to thunderstorms or loud fireworks displays. Dogs are very much like humans, each of them has differing personalities. To relieve your dog’s stress, it is best to try out the different methods listed. These are some ways you can reduce your dog’s stress, and if your dog is stressed, you should deal with it immediately.

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