How to Remove and Replace a Street Tree?

Trees are such a beautiful creation of nature with no alternative to it, neither within the natural creations nor in our human-made inventions. Trees are always an essential component of the ecosystem and act as a lifeline for living beings. When we talk about climate change and global warming, which are one of the burning questions in this era and areas of great concern for world leaders, trees are always part of that conversation.

According to the NASA website, the global temperature has increased by 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 and will rise further if we continue to cut trees rampantly and do not plant more trees to replace them in the future. Deforestation is one of the most significant challenges which are threatening everyone, whether we are aware of this menace or not. About 30% of the world’s land area is covered with forests; it seems not enough. As per the World Bank’s figures, we lost 1.3 million square kilometers of forests only in 26 years from 1990-to 2016, and this is wider than in South Africa.

Need for Trees in Urban setup

As the world is advancing in many technologies and inventions, on the one hand, we are also polluting our climate and the air we breathe in on the other side. This situation creates a need for trees in urban areas more than in the countryside. The whole scheme of planting trees in a city is usually planned and authorized by the respective municipal corporation. Trees along the roadway provide a beautiful view, reduce heat and shade to the road surface. These elements are essential for our community.

On the roadside, these trees help to reduce pollution, heat generated by the vehicle fuel and give shade to pedestrians. Trees also provide benefits to residential buildings in reducing energy costs for cooling and heating. These trees are not beneficial for humans but also act as a shelter for birds and other animals besides maintaining balance in the ecosystem and preventing natural heat and heating from human sources like industries, vehicles, heating, and cooling systems.

Nonetheless, there may be a situation when you have to remove and replace the tree planted in the street in your neighborhood. We know you are a tree lover, but there may be some situations when removal and replacement of the street trees are inevitable. We are sharing here some of the solutions to remove and replace the street tree for your ease in dealing with this situation.

Get the permit

The plantation of trees along the roads, in parks, and other commercial and residential locations, comes under the jurisdiction of the city’s municipal authority. They chart out the whole plan under which these plants and trees are implanted and take care of their maintenance and wellbeing. Similarly, when you require removing and replacing a street tree, you should first go to the municipal authority and seek their permission. They would probably ask you to furnish the reason for removing and replacing the street tree and if your justification is right; they will issue you a permit for tree removal free of cost

Getting permits is the first step, so you don’t face any problem during the process of removing and replacing the tree, and it is also possible that the concerned authority may extend their help beyond issuing a permit in some instances.

Rightful justification

You may plant a new tree on the place of your choice, but there are already thousands of trees existing since years ago, and after the urbanization, they have become part of the streets and neighborhoods where you reside now with thousands of people around you. However, you need a legitimate justification to get the permit for removing and replacing a street tree. There may be several reasons to justify your demand, such as if the street tree is posing a risk to the property and hovering over any physical asset and likely to fall on it. If it is intruding in the passageway to block the commuters, then you are left with no choice but to remove and replace the street tree.

The location, height, or maybe type of trees may also create problems for the residents of nearby buildings. The height is so long that the tree covers the whole window sightseeing of your room; branches of the tree are poking inside the window, or the type of the tree is causing any health issues like an allergy. In some rare situations, the inhabitants of the trees are causing problems for the nearby residents. These reasons may serve as the proper justification for removing and replacing a street tree.

Call an expert

You have the permit in your hand after furnishing a lawful justification to the city’s municipal authority; you are all set for removing and replacing the street tree. But STOP! Did you call an expert or company to get this job done? Or were you of the opinion that you can pull off this job on your own? This job is not like lifting a chair from one place and putting it on the other side of the table.

You must need an expert or a professional tree service company to get the street tree removed and replaced. First, you don’t know how to cut a tree professionally and transport it safely to the other place for replacement purposes. There is also a need for professional tools that are only available with the tree service company. Only a professional can tell you the suitable soil for the replacement of the tree and transport it to that area. So, you must call an expert to help you with the removal and replacement of the street tree. and tell you the cost of stump grinding.


The city government is responsible for planting trees in downtown areas. The core purpose is to cover public areas with trees for controlling pollution and provide tree-lined roads and walkways. Similarly, we are also equally responsible for tree plantation within our neighborhoods and at the designated places by the government. In case of any difficulty with the street trees, we should carefully remove and replace them so we can ensure a pollution-free environment. We must take care of these beautiful gifts of nature and save our planet with Green Living Strategies.

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