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How to Safely Transport Your Car Overseas

The process of moving to another country may be complicated. You could be shifting overseas for work, love, retirement, education, or other reasons. Whether your relocation is temporary or permanent, you can choose to move with your vehicle.

Shipping a car overseas is arguably a complicated undertaking that needs proper arrangements and thorough preparation. Here are some clues about what you should do when transporting your car to another country.

Find a potential shipping company

A simple Google search for auto transport or shipping methods gives you several options for shipping companies that you can use to transport your vehicle overseas. However, you need to conduct a thorough search to find a valid and trustworthy shipper for your car.

When evaluating a transportation company, check whether the certificates and credentials of the shipper are valid. For instance, check if they have The American Moving and Storage Association certificate, which is one crucial certification that a shipping company should have. Also, inquire if the company offers insurance to cars in transit. Don’t forget to check the licensing requirements by the Federal Maritime Commission.

Request and correlate Quotes

It would be best if you had multiple licensed companies as your favorable choices. Now, you need to start requesting quotes from those shippers. Some companies will send their team to check out your car while others need details from you. Remember, the quotes you receive from these companies will have extra details and guide you to choose the best. Consider checking out the following details from the quotes submitted:

  • The type of service the company offers. Check whether it is door to port door to door or port to port.
  • The shipping method; is shipping done with an ocean container or a roll-on container.
  • Do they transport your car domestically at the same price, or do they charge extra costs?
  • How much is the destination fee, and can you afford it?

Use the information to pick and narrow down your preferred shipping company options. If you are not conversant with the process, hire a shipping expert for advice.

Analysis of the Shipping Time

Moving your car to another country can take a lot of time. Consider doing your analysis to determine the duration each potential shipper will need to transport your car to its destination. This process will help you narrow down the number of shipping firms on your list.

If you want to ship your car faster, you need to book a 20-foot shipping container. Submit all the required documents and papers to the shipping company on time. The shipping company will take care of clearing and forwarding to book the next truck or vessel. Remember, this method is convenient but more expensive.

Alternatively, you can use roll-on and roll-off methods where your car is transported through a vessel’s hull in which it is safeguarded and clasped. This method is inexpensive, but it doesn’t protect your car like the first alternative, and it can longer time.

Still, you can choose to ship your car using the standard vehicle shipping method. It involves transporting your vehicle alongside other vehicles being transported to the same destination. It means you have to wait until the desirable number of vehicles to be moved to the same destination is achieved.

Get your Paperwork Ready

You are now good to pick a shipping company of your preference. Don’t forget to check whether the company has a port closer to your final car’s destination. Once you have a company of your choice, you should compile all the necessary papers to get the vehicle transported to another country.

You are required to have the following documents for your car’s shipping purposes: A copy of the bill of sales, a precise and original title, and a copy of your passport.

Also, enquire from your preferred shipping company whether there is additional paperwork before departure or arrival from one pot to another.


Before handing over your vehicle to any shipping company, take it for inspection and servicing. It’s best if you acquire an inspection report with photos. It enables you to know the exact state of your car before you give it out for shipping. Thus, in case of any damages, it becomes easy to spot them. Remember, shippers do their inspection, but it is equally crucial to do your own as well.

The safe transportation of your car overseas may be complicated. However, with the steps described above and working with a good shipping company, you’ll not have any difficulties.

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