How to Save Instagram Videos on Your Computer

Looking to download Instagram videos directly to your computer? Learn how to save Instagram videos on your computer with the best software.

Did you know that 37% of American adults use Instagram regularly?

If you too use this platform, you might feel interested to download some videos you posted before. Regardless of the reason, preserving these memories on your computer is always a good thing to do. But without prior experience with this process, you’ll feel lost.

Don’t fret or feel discouraged just yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn how to save Instagram videos on computers and other devices. Read on and learn more:

1. How to Save Instagram Videos on the iPhone

Instagram is chock-full of informative, funny, and witty videos you’ll want to save. If you use this social media platform on an iPhone, know that it’s easy to download and save a video. That’s why this app has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of its 17.3 million ratings.

To start saving an Instagram video with an iPhone, go to your desired video. Look for the bookmark icon that’s usually in the bottom right corner. Tap on it and choose the appropriate collection for the video to finish it.

If you want to see your saved videos, go to your profile. Look for the hamburger menu located in the upper right corner and tap on it. You’ll see various options like Settings and Archive, but ignore them for now and look for Saved.

Once you tap it, you’ll see all the videos and posts you saved before. Watch them at your convenience!

2. How to Save Instagram Videos on Your Computer

Desktop users of Instagram are in the minority, but it’s often brands, social media managers, and working people who use it with either a desktop or laptop computer. The only drawback is that Instagram’s optimization is primarily for mobile devices. That’s why some of its features feel limited when used with a computer.

The good news is that saving videos isn’t one of them. You have the ability to save these videos and watch them whenever convenient. To save Instagram videos on a computer, you have a few options:

1. Use the Source Code to Download

This one takes a bit of technical expertise, but it’s an effective way to save your videos to your device. Using a browser, you have the ability to inspect the video page’s source code. This allows you to look for the download link.

Open your desired video and right-click on it to select the Inspect element. This can vary depending on the web browser you use, like View page source and others. In a Windows computer, use the CTRL + F combination to pull up the Find option.

Type “.mp4” in the resulting search bar since it opens up a certain section of the website code. In most cases, you’ll find a link next to a field named “src=”. Copy and paste it into a new tab where it will start playing.

Once there, right-click and pick the “Save Video As” option. This will let you download the video using the mp4 format. Unless you specify its location, it’s often automatically added to your Downloads folder.

2. Get an Online Service

There are lots of online services out there that can help you download your favorite Instagram videos. For example, DownloadVideosFrom is a great online tool since it’s free and more intuitive compared to other platforms. It also has more features that might interest you.

To save videos using this tool, open the Instagram video you desire and get its URL. On the DownloadVideosFrom website, look for the appropriate text field and paste this URL. Click on the Download MP4 button to finish the saving process.

Take note, you also have the option to download the MP3 version of the video. This is useful when you only want to save the video’s sounds. This tool also has a downloader for photos, which can be useful as a future reference.

3. How to Download Instagram Videos on Android

Android devices automatically download videos after viewing them. The only challenge is to look for the place your phone uses to save these. If you aren’t keen on looking for these files, third-party programs are always an option.

1. Use the App Cache to Download the Instagram Video

This only works after you already finished watching your desired video. Your device will only download the parts you already watch. That means you must watch the entire video if you intend to save its complete form.

After finishing this, look for your device’s File Manager and go to the following sequence of folders: Android, data,, cache, and videos. Once you’re there, you’ll find all the videos you watched before, but their file extension is .clean instead of the usual .mp4.

Tap on these and pick the Video option to watch them. Take note, if your device has no built-in file manager, you have the option to use a third-party file manager. You can also read this guide to further learn how to download videos from Instagram.

The pleasant news is that converting these files to an audio format is simple. Rename these files and change their extension to .mp4. Your device saves these as part of its cache, so move them out of the folder if you want a permanent copy of the videos.

2. Use a Third-Party App

A more reliable method is to use a third-party app since you need not watch the video beforehand. There are lots of video downloader apps on the Google Play Store. The process of saving a video might vary, but it involves copying the link from Instagram and pasting it on the video downloader.

Regardless, if you follow its instructions, your desired video will be in your gallery.

Now You Know How to Download Instagram Videos!

These are some methods on how to save Instagram videos on computer devices. Use the appropriate method to ensure you won’t encounter any problems along the way.

Do you want to do more than download Instagram videos? Are you looking for other tech guides? If so, don’t hesitate to read more of our posts to learn more today!

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