How to Show Your Children Your Appreciation

As a parent, it is essential for you to make your child feel good about himself. If your child aced his exams, won a contest, completed a specific task, or did well in school, it is vital for you to show them your appreciation. Aside from telling your child how proud you are of his achievements, there are many ways that you can express your gratitude by doing the following things.


Encourage him to follow his heart

Sometimes your child needs a little bit of coaxing and encouragement to build up his confidence. If he shows interest in certain things such as drawing and arts, gently encourage him to do better each day. You can also make him feel good about himself by having your children’s drawings made into jewelry and wear them every day. If your child happens to exhibit impressive skills in sports such as basketball, swimming, or tennis, you should convince him to take extra classes to help them become successful in their chosen sport.


Give them small notes

Do not forget to tell your child how proud you are of his achievements by writing him a short letter every once in a while. For some, these notes are not a big deal, but it may mean the whole world to your child. To make the message more special, you can add small tokens like candies, chocolates, and other simple gifts to brighten up their day.


Learn to listen

Aside from praising them, do not forget to listen to whatever they have to say. As a parent, it is essential that you keep the doors of communication open at all times. This practice will encourage your child to talk about how his day went or if he has problems to deal with on his own. You do not necessarily have to offer a solution, but you could give out suggestions and a few words of encouragement which is something that your child will cherish for the rest of his life.


Do not forget to thank him

If your child does something good for you, make sure to acknowledge his efforts by saying thank you. Saying thank you may not be a big deal for some parents, but it matters a lot to your children. It makes them feel important and appreciated in every way. Whether your child helped you set the table, took out the trash or took care of his pet, then it is just right to thank them for a job well done regardless of how big or small it was.


Ask for his opinion

Sadly, some parents fail to communicate effectively with their children because they do not listen to what their children have to say. Remember that your child has feelings too, so talk to him and ask for his stand on certain things. Do not just decide without consulting him because it can leave him feeling disappointed.

Always remember to show your appreciation at all times not only through words but also through actions. Your child will respect and love you unconditionally as long as you do not hesitate to show him that you care.

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