How To Spruce Up Your Cottage With New Flooring

When enjoying your cottage in the woods, the last thing on your mind is worrying about your flooring. Anyone who escapes to their cottage is looking to unwind and relax, away from the hustle of city life. If you want to make your cottage a more enjoyable space, the goal is to choose products that do not need to be taken care of all the time.

New floors are a great way to zhuzh up your cottage space. Apart from the comfortable underfoot flooring brings to your cottage, it can also be a focal point that ties the overall cabin setting together. The right flooring will have you worrying less and relaxing more. Most importantly, it will age in your cottage space for years to come. These cottage flooring ideas should get your creative juices flowing.

1- Carpet

Although not a popular choice, you can still rock carpet flooring in your bedroom. Carpeting will help you achieve the flooring of your dreams because it offers plenty of colors and patterns. You will enjoy the comfort and soft underfoot, which is excellent for the cozy bedroom vibe. Carpets are also anti-slip and dampen the sound on floors. The downside is they are susceptible to molds if they get damp, and they cannot be considered a durable flooring option since you may have to switch them out with time.

2- Corkwood flooring

Cork is made from bark which makes it part of the natural wood family. It sports the authenticity of wood and still allows you to reap the benefits of other floors. Corkwood is also warm and comfortable, which ensures a soft underfoot. To complement the décor for your cottage, you can go with vintage-inspired floors since corkwood comes in different hues.

3- Laminate flooring

Laminate is a flooring idea that floats around in the market as a durable floor you can incorporate into your cottage. Its durability makes it one of the best floorings you can install in high traffic areas of your cabin. Laminate is made up of four layers of synthetic composite, making its surface tough and able to stand wear and tear. When it comes to visual appeal, laminate can mimic the look of hardwood, and the best part is that you only have to spend a fraction of the price. Are you still contemplating on the flooring to get for your cottage? Zelta offers high-quality laminate flooring; you can contact them today for inquiries.

4- Luxury vinyl tile

It takes a lot to keep up with wood floors, from the hefty buying price to the work of proper maintenance. I’ve got news for you! Vinyl blends with any style and cottages are not an exception. Your cabin can enjoy the look of wood without the limitations of hardwood. Vinyl floors are constructed with several layers to ensure their durability against gouges, scratches, and high traffic. It is best to go with tiles instead of planks because planks are affected by temperature changes causing warps in the floor. Vinyl is moisture resistant which makes it perfect for keeping mold and mildew off your cottage.

5- Hardwood

It looks like we saved you the best for last! Contrary to common belief, you can still make wood flooring work in your cottage. While it will take some good upkeep on your part, the reaps are worthwhile. Vinyl and laminate may mimic the texture and appearance of wood, but you cannot compare them to the real thing.

There are many wood family products, so trust that you will never run out of color, finishes, and style to explore. Hardwood floors are authentically beautiful, from cherrywood, maple, red oak, and bamboo to walnut; they will compliment your cottage perfectly. Compared to other flooring choices, it is less susceptible to pests and bugs. You may have to keep an eye out for spills and moisture, but once you have, you can enjoy it for decades to come.

Picking the right floor for your cottage can be stressful, but it does not have to do with the guide above. The beauty of choosing your cottage floors is that the flooring does not have to be consistent throughout the space. We hope some of the ideas will make it easier to select the best flooring, bringing you closer to making your cottage dreams come true.

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