How To Squeeze In Self-care Activities During A Busy Week

When things get too hectic and the workload comes rushing in, we forget to care for ourselves. But, you need to keep in mind that when you take care of yourself in all aspects, mentally, physically, and spiritually, you can function better.

You can reduce stress by squeezing in self-care activities and hopefully incorporating them into your busy schedule. You will also have some extra time for yourself, and feel a lot more pleasant, which can help you be more productive and feel at your best.

Make yourself a schedule

Setting up a schedule can help you organize how you’ll spend your day. A busy schedule might make you forget about the basics, but it’s important to get some rest so your immune system can rebuild itself.

You will also give time for other things like house chores, proper bedtime, and rest. Your daily routine influences your quality of rest hence why it’s important to maintain a consistent time for sleep. Despite the busy schedule, it is a must to establish a routine.

Engage in healthy eating

After making yourself a schedule for the day, you should also set aside time to prepare your meals. Refrain from eating takeouts and give yourself at least a day to prepare a week’s worth of meals. Focus on real food that can fuel your body with energy and vitamins that you’ll surely need to survive a busy week.

Choose recipes that are quick and healthy to make. You can also buy pre-cut and pre-bagged foods to save some time chopping and cutting your fresh produce. Pack your meals in microwaveable containers so you can heat them when it’s time to eat. Stock up your freezer with things that can easily spoil since it keeps food safe from microorganisms and help preserve it longer.

Invest in skincare

Skincare products won’t be that effective if you’re not using good-quality products. A busy week might affect your skin since you might feel stressed with your schedule. Stress can release cortisol hormones that increase oil production in your skin glands, leading to breakouts and clogged pores.

You might also lack sleep most days which can cause dry skin, fine lines, and dark circles under your eyes. Good quality skincare can reduce all these without spending too much time using products that won’t even do much. You can apply face masks filled with collagen and vitamins and other products such as moisturizer and serum, leave it on your face and let it do the magic while you work.

Do A Quick Workout

You might barely have the energy to do anything physical, but exercise is pretty much essential to squeeze in during your schedule. Exercise can improve both your physical and mental health, which can help you sleep better. Try to wake up early and do 20-minute cardio or a quick yoga session.

Do your physical activities outside your house or in the backyard for a more relaxed feeling since you’ll be surrounded by nature. If the space around your home is bare and dry, you can opt for landscaping design services to make it more serene. Working out and meditating in nature can reduce stress and poor mental health. It also helps boost your immune system since you’d be outside getting Vitamin D.

Don’t forget the basics

Due to your hectic schedule, you might forget to do the basics to take care of yourself, such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and drinking your vitamins. It may sound basic (well, cause it is), but we sometimes forget to do even the simplest form of self-care. Remember to set aside for simple grooming routine. You can put on some scented candles or turn on your music for a relaxation factor.

Disconnect for an hour

Gadgets can be the biggest distraction since our attention span can be easily swayed by social media, gaming, messaging, and media streaming applications. Whenever you have free time or a few minutes of break throughout the day, put down your phone or get away from your laptop, and breathe. Try to relax, grab a beverage, and sit on the sofa for a while. You can even listen to music or take a short walk for 10 to 15 minutes.

Squeezing in self-care depends on your needs and how you organize the time to have them. You need to incorporate a good routine for your overall health, or else you won’t be able to function if you disregard yourself even when you are busy.

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