How to Start a Career in Data Analytics in Canada

According to a report shared by Finance online, nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day globally. This huge number clearly indicates how powerful data has become.

Every business has become reliant on data as information derived from it helps in creating impactful strategies. One can easily identify current trends, forecast future market changes, and even understand consumer behavior through data.

Given that data is rising at a stupendous rate, job roles in this sector have become highly sought after. If you are looking to make a stable career in this field then a data analytics course in Canada can help you get a good job role.

A course in data analytics will allow you to enter the exciting field of data science while studying for a degree from Canada will give you access to better job opportunities and make you stand out in a sea of candidates to the employer. Here is how you can pursue your academic journey in data analytics and make a stronghold professionally in this field in Canada.

Enroll in a good course

To become an expert in any field, you need to first gain relevant knowledge of that sector and the same applies to data analytics. This sector is vast and you need technical and soft skills to be able to succeed in this field. If you are aiming for good job roles, then you should opt for accredited courses in data analytics from a recognized university.

This way you will be able to gain all necessary foundational skills needed to pursue a job in this field. This includes the expertise needed to collect, prepare and analyze data. During the course, you will also gain skills like troubleshooting problems and even looking for creative solutions and impactful ways to present the data.

Certain tools and languages are crucial to data analytics such as SQL, Python, Tableau, and more. You will be familiarized with these essential tools during the course. Many reputed universities in Canada offer excellent courses in data analytics and you can opt for one to take your career forward.

Get an entry level job

You will start in the data analytics industry with an entry level job that will give you a good insight into the sector and what is required of you in the job role. This will help in building your skills as you will build up on your learning with experience.

During this time, you must focus on building your portfolio and learning to present your findings in a clear and convincing way. Include all the projects that you work on in your portfolio and use this initial learning curve to build on skills like communication and teamwork.

Such expertise along with technical knowledge will add to the quality of your work and make you a well versed professional who is capable of handling bigger challenges.

Canada has a thriving business hub and is home to some of the most prominent companies. It has its own homegrown technological sector which means that there is no dearth of excellent job roles here. With the right degree and expertise, you can make a flourishing career in data analytics in Canada.

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