How to Start a Motorcycle Travel Blog

If you are a fan of riding motorcycles, you might have thought about making a blog to talk about it. It would be one of the less crowded niches on the web, of course, but it can still be congested. With that being the case, it might be a good idea if you start your journey with the right foundation. This will then allow you to achieve more when you are ready to launch your blog in a serious capacity.

Many of the tips that you will find here were or are being used by many other successful blogs. There are not too many differences when presenting information to your target audience who share your passion for the vehicle.

What you’ll want to focus on the most, however, is the core ideas of a long-lasting website. This will then allow you more flexibility and freedom to try things out since you’ll be working around those ideas.

Establish Clear Goals

It’s important to establish what your goals will be right from the start when you are building your motorcycle blog. This will be the guiding post that will allow you to stay on course when creating content and the like. It’s also worth noting that clear goals can help you choose which topics to talk about with your readers. You have to remember that they are who you will be catering to, in the end, even with personal blogs.

Establish Clear Goals

When you know what you want and how you mean to achieve them, it also helps settle your mind. You won’t be wasting energy thinking about this subject every time you need to interact with your blog. This then leaves you free to focus on other things such as improving the blog’s design or content. You could also predict what kinds of issues are likely to come up and head them off ahead of time.

Build Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is quite important when you are starting a motorcycle blog since it draws focus from people. When your visitors know what you are about before they even visit your site, it’s easier to attract their attention. You will also have a better time funneling in the types of visitors that you want on your blog. This is helpful if you are planning on monetizing your blog or expanding its influence in any way.

The first thing you should do to achieve this is to know what you want for your blog. You need to have the kind of reputation it will have firmly contained in your mind. You will then need to take the appropriate steps to achieve that via the web design and the content topics.

It would also help if you could establish early on that your blog is reliable and sincere to readers. This will help earn their trust and approval, which will help you in the long run.

So, for example, if you want people to check out these Harley Davidsons for road trips, you want to make sure you give them proper details about the motorcycle, its history, travel uses, popular opinion, whether is it easy to ride, does it have a history of not breaking down (important for traveling), and so on. Your content needs to be engaging, factual, and informative above all else.

Provide and Maintain Fantastic Content

A lot of things might change about the building and running of a blog, but one thing doesn’t. This is a matter of providing excellent content that your visitors are going to find valuable, entertaining, or educational.

This is important because, at the end of the day, this is what people are visiting your blog for. When they see how good the information that you are providing can be, they will keep coming back for more.

Maintain Fantastic Content

With that being the case, it would be in your best interest to make sure that this remains the case. Whenever you are putting an article or a video together, make sure that the details are relevant and useful. People like to hear, read, or watch the information that they can put to use right away or that will benefit them.

Follow Relevant Trends

The world is always changing and some trends will rise and fall like everything else on the web. With that being the case, it would be good to try and follow the trends for gathering relevant information. You should not try to follow trends with the content you create for the sake of following a trend. Rather, you can use the information to predict where the next trend will go or start one yourself if needed.

It’s also worth doing this so that your blog and the content that you produce will remain relevant to readers. It’s not uncommon for visitors to start dipping once a website is deemed out of touch with the current climate. This can be applied to technology, politics, societal changes, geo-political shifts, financial news, and so on.

Use High-Quality Images

The last point that needs to be made when building a blog is to use high-quality images whenever possible. This is crucial to point out because low-quality images can have a tremendous impact on user retention and traffic. You have to understand that these days, no one likes looking at blurred or pixelated photos if they can help it.

Use High-Quality Images

On top of that, there is a small matter of relevance since there should be a strong subject connection. When talking about motorcycle accessories like goggles, for example, using interesting and unique images would be recommended.

Taking photos of custom motocross goggles can give you a much better photo to work with. You can easily order them from a good manufacturer or seller and take high-quality photos of the accessories to showcase on your blog. 


Starting a motorcycle travel blog can be challenging if you want it to be more than a personal domain. You can ensure that it will be successful with a few foundational building methods. By keeping some of the most crucial aspects of the practice in mind, your chances of making it increase. The tips and suggestions mentioned here are just some of them.

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