How to Start an Interior Design Brand Right at Home

You can start an interior design brand all on your own, right from your own home. You could want to be a buyer, or decorator, or start a lifestyle magazine. Anything that relates to interior design and décor will benefit from you first proving yourself in the most basic of all locations: your home.

If you can transform your home and make it look incredible, then you can have a say as a designer or as a lifestyle journalist. If you can wow people right at home, then the implication is that you can wow them in their own homes. It’s a great marketing tactic and a good way to launch your brand and even find new clients:

Follow Similar Brands That are Succeeding in What You Want to Do

It’s okay to not know where to begin because the first step when starting your own business or brand is to research anyway. This could be as simple as following the influencers, brands, consultants, and even magazines that are doing what you want to be doing and analyzing their business model and marketing strategies to adapt for your own use.

Start a Website

While you are researching and gathering ideas, you’ll want to start your own website. This should be unique to you and your brand and work to elevate the overall brand image that you are going for. If you have a knack for figuring things out or have experience with web design, try to customize a premium theme.

Improve Your Photography Skills and Capabilities

Interior design is a visual art, and to advertise your skills or products, you will need to learn how to best capture that design into a marketable and shareable product. Consider investing in a DSLR or mirrorless camera, tripod, and professional lighting to get you started.

Document Your Interior Design Journey

You don’t need to have a complete, beautiful home to start advertising your skills. People love the process, to the point where there are thousands of home design shows, blogs, and brands out there that bring their followers and viewers along from the beginning to the result. You can showcase your creativity and pragmatism by bringing along fans and potential clients along the way, so don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect home just yet. Tackle projects document them and use that content to grow your brand.

Use a Self-Storage Unit to Store Seasonal Décor

If there is one way that you can keep your blog and social media accounts relevant, it’s with seasonal décor. Everyone wants to be able to go all out each season, but between the time, effort, and merely the complex matter of where to store these decorations, they don’t. You can just use a very simple solution that everyone who lives in an apartment or small home should use self-storage.

Storage units near you are the perfect place to keep clutter out of your home and store all the beautiful seasonal décor that keeps your marketing relevant and popular. It’s such an easy and affordable tip and how you can keep your home neat and organized, not drowning in sports equipment, décor, and seasonal clothes—a win-win for your life and your brand.

Advertise Your Services

As soon as you try to start building up a social following or managing a website, you will want to advertise your services. This could be consulting, selling upcycled pieces, or even just getting people in to read your blog so that you can then start to monetize it.

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