How to Start Web Trading in 5 Simple Steps?

Before the internet, people had to rely on stock brokers for trading. The amount of time wasted in finding the right assets & calling the broker for purchase led to a change in price in most cases. Keeping track of stocks, monitoring their performance & transferring money securely was also a challenge.

With the advent of fast internet and computers, you no longer have to depend on inefficient trading methods. Web trading enables you to trade your favored financial commodities at the simple click of a button.

If you are looking for an effortless way to trade independently, you are in the right place. But before we move on to the ‘how’, let us first understand the concept.

What is Web Trading?

Web trading enables you to trade your choice of commodities, shares, and currencies through your web browser. It is an alternative to mobile trading since you can have a better view of your assets on a bigger screen.

Stock broking platforms like Dhan offer you everything you need to trade online on an intuitive & easy to use interface.

How to Start Web Trading?

Now that you have an understanding of online trading platforms, it is time to learn how to start your online trading journey:

Step 1- Select a Stock Broking Platform

This is the most important step in online trading. A good online trading platform is easy to use & offers a variety of special functions along with essential ones. Reputed stock trading platforms like Dhan Web provides access to features such as TradingView charts, Instant Margin, Advanced Option Chain, 15-minute Buildup, etc.

Step 2- Create an Account

The next step after selecting a trading platform is to create your account. Simply enter your mobile number and proceed. You will get a ‘One Time Password’ on your mobile to authenticate the sign-up. You may also have to enter & verify your email address depending on the platform.

Step 3- Complete KYC & Open a Trading Account

Most stock trading platforms require completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for opening a trading account with them. Simply fill up the form and submit your government-authenticated identity & address proof. You may also be asked to add basic details such as date of birth, PAN number, account number, etc.

Depending on the platform, you may be asked to complete a self-verification process by submitting a photo/video of yourself.

Step 4- Add Money to Your Account

Once your trading account is authenticated, you can start adding money to your account for trading using your card, account transfer, or UPI.

Step 5- Start Trading!

Now you are all set to start trading. Once your interface is loaded, choose the stocks, currencies, or commodities that interest you and check their performance. Trade instantly using the money in your account.


Web trading simplifies the process of searching, selecting, and trading financial assets online. Known stock broking platforms like Dhan allow you to begin your online trading journey in a few simple steps. Buy your assets, monitor them, and sell effortlessly by trading online!

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