How to Step Up Your Photography Game

Though it might sound a bit cliché, a picture can tell a thousand words. Today, static pictures are being used to promote the real value of products. For ages now, pictures have been used to enhance learning platforms, inspire, and explain concepts that are, well, not easy to explain. Images have a huge impact on the human brain because the human brain is inclined to things that are pleasing to the eyes.

Additionally, pictures can help store age-old memories and preserve them in a way that your memory cannot. Let’s face it, the culminating effects of aging may be coupled with memory loss, and pictures can have a therapeutic effect on a forgetful brain.

As a photographer, you have a huge role to play to ensure that your work is of higher standards. It could be that you are sharing your pics on social media platforms such as Instagram, you have a blog that needs to be updated with outstanding images, or you’re looking to be an influencer in whatever niche. Today, great photography can be utilized in the marketing world to influence consumer perceptions. But for that to happen, you need to take your photography career a notch higher. In this piece, we’ll be sharing killer tips on how to step up your photography game.

1- Choose Your Lightroom Presets Wisely

As the name suggests, lightroom presets are configured settings designed to enhance images. They can alter hues, light shadows, and everything else that may need to be enhanced. By the guys at, you can utilize this great invention by accentuating your pictures in a way that your camera cannot. It could be that you want to relay a vintage effect from a modern picture, give your pictures a summer effect, or add sunflares to your pics. Whatever your inclinations, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Here’s how to choose the best lightroom presets:

  • Choose a collection that will fit your style.
  • Read customer online reviews to know what others are saying about different options.
  • Go for quality because with lightroom presets, you get what you pay for.

2- Upgrade Your Photography Gear

The equipment you use in your photography can make or break your career. As a photographer, you must use the right equipment in your line of work. Cheap cameras will only produce low-quality images. Ideally, you want to go for high-end equipment that is made with cutting edge photography technology. When it comes to choosing the right camera, you want to check on its capabilities, specs, lenses, storage capacity, and range of capturing. There are various accessories that you can include in your inventory that will turn you into a pro. They include:

  • Memory card wallets
  • Lens Cleaning Kits
  • Modern camera bags
  • A modern tripod stand
  • Collapsible reflector kits
  • Large capacity hard drives

3- Don’t Settle On Just One Picture

more shots Photography Game

If you’re looking to improve your skills, you must take more shots. This is why you need large capacity memory slots. This way, you can select pictures that please your eyes the most. You also need to adjust your shooting positions, adjust the focus, range, angle, and height. By moving around, you’ll find the best composition and alter the lighting. Most importantly, work with natural light and enhance it using your editing tools.

4- Find the Right Editing Tools

Like Lightroom presets, various programs can turn you into a professional photographer overnight. Editing programs can improve your workflow, quality, and efficiency. They include various functions such as crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, resize, color and temperature adjustments, and channel mixers. The best part is that most picture editing programs are freely available on the internet.

5- Location! Location! Location!

With photography, the locations you choose when taking pictures will play a significant role in enhancing the mood and feel of the images captured. The right location will add charm and beauty. There is a good reason why most newlyweds will choose a natural background during wedding photo sessions. There will be great rewards in choosing exotic locations for your pictures.

6- Find a Mentor

There’s no such thing as bad advice. You are the one to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. And that’s the thing with mentors. Some can make your career and some will take whatever you’re doing for granted. When it comes to photography, study the photographers you want to emulate but don’t copy them! This means filtering out whatever you don’t want from them and keeping what will help to improve your photography. Whether it’s the framing, the colors, the use of light, or whatever else they use that can help you to up your game, use it to your advantage.

Now, most importantly, great photography is also about preparation. It’s crucial to ensure that you have backup batteries, enough storage space, and some snacks to keep you motivated. In addition to this, always ensure to use clean equipment in your line of work. Dirty lenses will ruin a good picture and this will not go well with your clients. Last but not least, maintain high levels of professionalism in your work!

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