How To Take Care of Your Jeans?

Have you spent a lot on getting good quality jeans? Then you shall make efforts to retain its quality by taking good care of your jeans. This ensures that your jeans look and feel like new even after repeated use.

Care and maintenance of jeans become easier when you purchase the best quality distressed jeans by Nobody Denim. You will enjoy wearing clean and maintained jeans and will feel proud about the same. Below discussed are some of the best ways to take care of your jeans.

1. Get Rid of Stains

Have you got tough stains on your jeans? The stains of grease or oil are the ones that can ruin the appearance of your jeans. This is the reason why you shall immediately wash the jeans to get rid of tough stains.

If you neglect these stains and keep the jeans untouched for a long time, then it will be difficult to get rid of the same. You shall look for the best dry cleaning services around your house that can help you maintain the quality and shine of your jeans. Do not neglect these stains to take good care of your jeans.

2. Wear Them Carefully

Even though jeans are durable, you need to wear them carefully to keep them maintained. For good care, it is suggested to wear jeans for the activities like running and stretching. It will not only ruin the quality of your jeans but will also cause you discomfort.

You shall also avoid wearing your favorite pair of jeans to places where there is a risk of getting them torn. While eating a performing different activities, pay special attention to keeping your jeans free from stains. It will protect your jeans from getting degraded.

3. Wash Safely

To keep your jeans clean, you shall wash them carefully. However, make sure you do not use any harsh detergents. Using cheap and harsh detergents can shrink your jeans and ruin their quality. The color of your jeans might also fade if you repeatedly use harsh detergents. Apart from that, you must also avoid washing your jeans and other outfits in hot water.

Prefer cold water for washing your jeans safely. Use branded as well as high quality detergents to take good care of your jeans. After washing your clothes, you shall keep them for drying in a safe place.

4. Use Fabric Spray

To retain the quality of your jeans, you shall not wash the same more than once a week. Washing more than required might degrade the quality of your jeans. However, to keep your jeans free from bacteria and bad odor, you can use a good-quality fabric spray. It is a solution that contains chemicals to eliminate bacteria from fabric.

To keep it clean without washing it, you can use a wet piece of cloth to clean it thoroughly. Put the pair of jeans under direct sunlight for a short period of time to make them ready to wear again.

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