How To Train Your Dog For Dinner Time

People treat their dogs like their family, they love them so much that they treat them like they are humans, they buy them clothes, give them a trip to a spa, feed them good food, and so on.

But unfortunately, training dogs is harder compared to training humans. Hence, if you want your dog’s good behavior kept especially during dinner time, training them is something you have to do.

If you are having a hard time putting your dog in good behavior especially during dinner time, here are a few tips you can consider:


  • Feed them away from the dining area

As much as possible, feed them in a different room away from the dining area where humans eat. This will make them somehow understand that they are not like humans. Putting them in a room far from the dining area will keep them away from the temptation of going to your dining area and begging for food.

If there is no other room to feed them, just keep the distance of the table far from the spot where you are planning to feed them.  

  • Put them in a cozy spot

If they finished eating first and he/she went directly to the dining area, put them in a cozy spot and never entertain their misbehavior. It is best if you give them a toy they can play with. Redirecting their attention to somewhere else will make them forget about the dining table and how delicious the meal you feast. 

True that their eyes can be very mesmerizing and giving into their plead is unavoidable, but if you give in to them, you are not helping them to achieve proper behavior.

  • Teach them basic obedience

Teaching them the basic obedience can also help, like stay, sit, leave it, and so on. This basic obedience can help in teaching your dogs on proper conduct. There are many online tutorials where you can read tips and tricks on how to teach your dog basic obedience. 

You do not need the more complex training, as basic training for your dog is more than enough to teach them proper manners during dinner.


  • Reward them

Training your dog at dinner time may not only be hard on you but the dogs as well, hence giving them rewards when they acted right during this time is a good idea. The treat should not be too fancy or extravagant, a simple treat is more than just enough. 

This way, your dog would know that they made a good behavior that is worthy of a reward. 

  • Change their diet

If it seems like they cannot finish their food and they keep on going back to the dining table because they are still hungry, changing their diet is highly recommended. Changing their diet from time to time is highly recommended, but you also have to observe how the new food is reacting to their body, are their rashes coming out, how is their poop, etc. 

  • Block their access going to the table

Putting gates around the dining area or the door going to the dining area is an easy and effective way to keep your dog away from reaching food on the dining table. With these barriers, dogs will have no way going to the dining area to beg for food.

  • Hire a trainer

If you cannot handle your dog’s behavior on your own, hiring a trainer is the next best thing that you can do. Their service may come with a price but needless to say, it is all worth it, as hiring them will not only let them have a good behavior during dinner time but all the time.

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