How to Travel by RV with Kids – and Actually Enjoy It

It’s time to adapt to new, clever travel solutions that enable us to see some of our local wonders and enjoy the travel jitters without booking an airplane ticket or an exotic getaway.

Alas, the pandemic has changed our travel plans for the foreseeable future, and finding alternative, fun ways to explore can be yet another goal for families everywhere.

That’s where RV trips steal the spotlight, as perhaps the most wholesome way to enjoy a family road trip with all the comforts of remote sightseeing, natural vistas, and accommodation on wheels.

However, will the kids concur with the idea? Do they believe as much as you do that it’s fun to spend an entire weekend on a lake in an RV, or that a week-long road trip across the country can be as fun as a beach vacation?

Well, it’s up to you to find creative ways to keep this journey fun for your kids but also to ensure that you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy.

Here are a few essentials and key tips you should add to your agenda to make the most of your RV explorations!

Plan for travel activities

Since there are no resorts, no touristy activities you can book beforehand, and other perks of modern-day travel, you should come up with a specific set of games and activities you and your kids can enjoy during your trip.

For example, you can pack a volleyball for the beach, while Jenga and Twister are all-time classics for all family members.

Of course, creating a playlist of your favorite tunes will keep you occupied for hours with singing and dancing, but adding diversity is always vital when you’re about to embark on several day-long trips.

Ensure all-around family safety

Even though social distancing rules apply and you know that you’ll only see locals traveling here and there to enjoy pretty much the same perks as you, there are still some precautions you need to take to ensure your safety on the road, and when you park.

That said, a comprehensive RV camera system for surveillance will allow you to keep an eye on your RV when you’re away for a hike or a swim.

Plus, it allows you to drive more safely with a better overview of the road, and it simplifies the parking of such a large vehicle as an RV.

It will also come in handy in case you come across bad weather such as rain or fog, as the improved visibility will make it much safer for driving, and you’ll have the needed peace of mind every step of the way.

Pack light with a purpose

When you’re traveling with kids, especially if you plan to spend your time and your nights in a smaller space such as your RV, you need to take your packing list very seriously.

There’s no room to store all of their favorite toys and gadgets, but you still need to make sure they have everything they need to enjoy their trip.

Make sure that you have enough snacks to last you throughout the trip because you don’t want hungry youngsters on your hands.

As for clothing, pack light layers, so that they can stay warm if it gets chillier in the evenings, while they can be comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts during the day.

Keep mosquito repellents at hand, and sunscreen is a must especially if you plan to head into the mountains or to a nearby beach!

Inspire kids to get artsy

There’s only so much you can do if it starts pouring cats and dogs or if it’s too hot to safely play outside.

Then again, maybe you’ll find a few of your evenings to lack excitement, so you can get your kids inspired to write about their experiences in a journal, keep track of their adventures, and share their impressions.

Alternatively, which is a brilliant, creative activity for even younger kids, is to give them enough art supplies to color and paint for hours on end.

They can depict specific sights you’ve seen during your trip, and they can turn them into postcards to send to your relatives abroad.

Learn about your destinations

It may sound like a simple enough precaution, but parents often forget about it amid their packing and planning for the getaway.

Reading up on your desired destination is a simple strategy to learn about the nearby visits you can make in case outdoor fun is out of the question due to poor weather.

You’ll also be able to create a flexible, but thorough agenda of all the pit stops you want to make, any notable sightseeing spots, and of course, natural wonders worth adding to your list to enhance the quality of your travel time with your kids.

Creating this list will allow you to craft a solid routine of regular meals and access to the bathroom, which is vital for your little ones.

Use tech to your advantage

In addition to security and surveillance, which is vital when you have kids on board, technology can be quite useful for these trips into the unknown.

Even if you only plan to stay a couple of days, having access to energy and keeping your numerous devices charged can be truly vital.

For starters, portable solar chargers can take care of that in an eco-friendly way without overburdening your packing list.

You can also use kitchen accessories such as a crockpot to simplify meal preparation for the whole family.

If you plan to hike and your cell reception isn’t too great, having a cell signal booster can help you stay in touch with anyone you need.

The situation is far from ideal when it comes to our ability to travel the world, and our options might be limited, but we can make the most of these circumstances and spend more quality time with our closest family members.

We can take our kids to enjoy the wonderful natural spots near our homes, explore our home country, and discover secluded lakes and rivers that deserve a weekend getaway.

To make the trip more comfortable and fun with your little ones, use these guides, and transform a mundane road trip into an adventure!

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