How To Travel The World Cheaply

Many people postpone traveling until they have sufficient money to do so. But, did you know that instead of waiting for years you can travel cheaply? It is all about cutting your costs and living within your means. Traveling cheaply does not mean that you enjoy the trip less; it is an opportunity to be creative and adventurous.

In this article, we are going to show some budget-friendly methods to travel cheaply.

Prioritize what you need

While it is easy to know what you need and what you can live without at home when traveling it can be a bit complicated. When it comes to travel, you will need to work around your budget and cut some expenses. The primary goal when traveling is to have the ultimate experience.

This experience does not need to be costly. It costs you nothing to enjoy a gentle, warm breeze from the ocean floor while taking in a sunset beyond the sea horizon. You do not need a lot of travel accessories. You do not need to sleep in the most expensive hotel in a country for you to experience its diversity and culture.

As long as you are comfortable and safe, that is what matters the most. Hotel rooms and food take the most significant percentage of your traveling expenses. If you can minimize this, then you will have more money to spend on creating memories.

Air Travel

Air Travel

Traveling by air can be costly. If you want to travel cheaply, you need to minimize your travel expenses. If your travel destination can be accessed by train or bus, then you can try this travel method and save some cash. You also get to see more of the countryside when traveling by bus or train.

If you have to travel by plane look for budget-friendly airlines that have budget-friendly prices. An excellent place to start your search is Google Flights. Airlines also offer loyalty programs that you can engage in and earn points.

The best royalty programs have miles bonus points, and some give you discounts on selected stores in your travel destination. Make every effort to travel during off-seasons when travel fares are reduced. To learn more about the Brazil e visa.


As earlier stated, housing takes the most substantial cut from your travel budget. You can reduce this by living in a hostel like the YMCA – they tend to have clean and affordable rooms. When traveling alone, you can crash in with family and friends. Another way to save some extra cash when traveling by car is to try living in a tent.

For road trips, this is fun as you get to enjoy the open spaces and cook for yourselves. While looking for the cheapest accommodation does not compromise on security and cleanliness. Some hotel rooms can be cheap but inhabitable.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Instead of renting a cab every time you need to travel you can use public transportation like buses, trams, trains, and motorbikes. This has the added advantage of letting you interact with the local people and culture. You also get to see various parts of the city. Before you get into public transportation, you will need to be familiar with the city maps. Taking the bus can be faster than waiting in your hotel room for a cab.

Take a road trip

If you are a couple of friends traveling to a neighboring country you can take a road trip instead of traveling by air. With a road trip you save on fuel, and it is way more fun than going by air. If it is possible, you can carry camping gear and even further save on accommodation. Various carpooling services are available online and you can try any of them.

Road trips also enable you to carry your food. You save a lot of money when you cook as a group. It also allows you to sample different dishes and eat within your travel schedules. Preparing your food while on a road trip is hygienic and you do not have to worry about contamination – a big problem with street food.

Travel as a couple or as friends

Travel as a couple or as friends

Some hotels have special offers when you travel as a couple as opposed to alone. Some airlines offer discounts for couples, and you should take advantage of this. You also get a chance to solidify your bond as a couple when you travel together. If you are traveling as friends, you get to split the costs, and this brings down each person’s contribution.

You can also take advantage of renting a house through Airbnb – this makes your trip less expensive. When you rent a house, you also reduce your food expenses as you cook for yourself. You can experiment with various dishes, which makes the trip more fun.

Travel during off-season periods

Travel during off-season periods

Many game reserves and tourist destinations often have off and on-seasons. During on-seasons you will find tourist numbers reach a peak and everything from game park fees to hotel rooms become very expensive. On-season could be during holidays like Christmas and New Year to when there is a major tourist attraction event like the Wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania.

If you want to save on travel, try traveling during the off-season. During this time there is less congestion in the game reserves, and room prices are heavily discounted. If you love solitude, this is the ideal time to be by yourself as the hotels are less congested.

You will need to talk to your travel agent to find out the best time to travel off-season and book early. Places that were beyond the reach of most travelers become accessible during off-season periods.


Traveling does not have to be that expensive when you plan and go on a budget. You do not need to have all the comforts of the world to have a memorable experience. Most travelers had testified to having had the time of their lives when they traveled cheaply.

Instead of air travel or cab use public transportation and interact with the locals. Attempt to book your hotel room during off-season periods when hotels are less congested.

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