How To Travel With Vape Devices?

Vaping lovers can’t plan a getaway without their vaping devices. Vaping on the go is fun and convenient, and with the ease of your devices, you are sure to cut down on recreational expenses.

While it seems quite impressive to trot around with your favorite device, the TSA security checkup around airports worries most of us. The equation is complicated even more with no uniform laws dictating how to travel with your vape devices.

The silver lining in the situation is that most regulatory authorities are familiar with vaping devices, and following up with them before travel can simplify things.

For a stress-free trip with your vape devices, here are a few things you must follow.

1. Begin by searching for Specific Land Rules

First things first, the most essential to steer clear of trouble is to be in line with the traveling land laws. Some of the countries may have specific laws governing vaping.

Others may follow the laws governing other nicotine delivery systems. The vaping rules in some nations also vary based on the modes of transportation.

Some nations like Thailand, Brazil, and India may permit traditional cigarettes in designated spaces, but vaping devices have different regulations. Carrying vape supplies in some nations may cause a penalty or may even account for a punishable offense in some countries. Sticking to the law is your best bet to forgo any trouble.

At the same time, some countries like the U.S have specific rules for some parts. Most of the information is a few clicks away. Find reliable sources online to know in detail the differing laws across the countries you intend to travel to.

2. Packing e-juice

There are a few chances of finding e-juices of your preference all over the place. So, to be on the safer side, we would all like to pack a few cases of our favorite e-juices. While traveling with liquid containers in your luggage, you might want to look beyond making them spill-proof.

If your e-juices are nicotine-based, always consider the laws. The ground regulations of carrying liquids, aerosols, and gas containers also extend to your e-liquids.

As per aviation regulations worldwide, you may be allowed to keep up to 100 ml of liquid. Most airlines would not mind you keeping e-liquid bottles in clear packaging and your other luggage.

Luckily, the best vape brands offer travel-friendly nicotine free vape packaging to make your travel hassle-free. It is easy to carry liquids with the original packaging intact to minimize the chances of a spill.

3. Carrying Battery

Almost all vaping devices are battery-powered, so it is essential to have some ground information on how to pack them for a journey. All travel authorities have some pre-markers considering the risk of explosion in the air and other potential threats due to wear and tear.

So whether it is the battery in your vaping device or a DSLR, the ground rule of transporting it remains the same. Most airlines would frown upon storing a battery in check-in luggage, so you might want to keep them separate.

Removing the battery from the gear and packing it in your handbag can make check-in easy for you. Draining the battery from a mod is usually effortless, while you may require unscrewing the chamber of your wax pen to empty it. Friction while traveling through other means also can lead to bad press. Whatever mode of transport you choose, it is advisable to store the battery and device separately during transit.

Carrying Vape Battery

4. Staying Mindful and Low-key

Numerous options and variety make vaping all the more fascinating for the users. Technology has made it possible to find gear that is aesthetically pleasing and stylish to carry. But, it may still not be a good idea to travel with your fancy devices like Rebuildable tank atomizers and drip atomizers.

If the security officers are not accustomed to vape gear devices, the chances are that you may face an unpleasant situation. Despite liberal policies, it is wise to carry old-school vaping gear to avoid embarrassment.

Also, while vaping, you may want to be mindful of the people around you. Most of the places have designated places to enjoy vaping. You can always ask the locals about the cultural norms related to the use.

Staying Mindful and Low-key

5. Declaration at the Ports

Since the FAA prohibits carrying vaping devices in checked-in luggage, you may be required to check with your airlines for detailed guidelines and restrictions. You will only be allowed to take your vaping gear in your cabin bags, which may go through screening several times during your journey.

The absence of any law regarding traveling with vaping gear in some countries can also work for travelers’ advantage. All you have to do is collect information about the requirements of the places you intend to travel to.

If you are to halt and change flights, you may get acquainted with each passing airport’s regulations. A little research and preparation can go a long way to make your journey seamless.

Declaration at the Ports

The Bottom Line

While you may take all the troubles of declaration and carriage of your device, forgetting a part or two can make your hard work go in vain. Whenever you pack a vape device for a journey, make sure you keep all the accessories along with protective packaging.

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