How To Turn Your Place into an Airbnb Rental

If you’ve ever been in an Airbnb apartment during your travels, you’ve probably thought about turning your apartment into a rental. The beauty of it is that you’re the one that decides on the availability.

Additionally, it is a nice way to earn some extra cash and meet lots of great people. So, learn what it takes to turn your place into an Airbnb rental to start the transition.

Research your competition

Since renting your apartment as an Airbnb is one of the popular ways to gather additional income, do your homework first and research your competition. Do a bit of research and find out who is listed as an Airbnb in your area.

Take a look at their pictures and write down the list of things you have to include in your apartment and even go beyond that to be competitive.

Keep it clean

Keep home clean

Cleanliness and lack of it contribute to the positive or negative first impression. You should go for the first one to build your reputation as a great Airbnb host. The place simply has to be impeccable. Make sure the place is clean at all times.

Add some scented candles and air fresheners so it will give out that zen vibe. Remove any clutter and other unnecessary objects. By decluttering, you’ll make room for things that are important like extra blankets and pillows.

Furnish it the right way

You need to make it as comfortable as the amount of space allows it. If you’re just renting one room, make sure the bed mattress is comfortable and spacious. Clean out the wardrobe and put plenty of hangers.

Try to include a chair or an armchair if you can because your guests might want to sit in it. Add a lamp on each side of the bed, put some flowers on the nightstand, and even a pair of complimentary earplugs.

If you’re renting the entire apartment, make sure to furnish the living room with a sofa and one or two armchairs. Elevate the vibe of the room with a unique carpet and colorful and decorative pillows. Put some fresh flowers on the coffee table as well and something sweet like chocolate or candy.

Make an accent wall and turn it into a focal point by placing a mirror on it. Put a motivational sticker or a personalized welcome note. Your guests will love this detail and maybe use it as a great spot to take selfies.

Make the place hospitable

Make the place hospitable

Think of the bare essentials like fresh linens, towels, slippers, and blankets. Then go beyond this by offering an iron and ironing board so your guests can iron their wrinkled clothes. Include the essential dishes like plates, a few pans and pots, glasses, mugs, silverware, and a cookbook so they can explore some easy to make meal recipes.

Include the essential seasoning like salt and paper and also oil. stock the kitchen with coffee or tea so your guests can enjoy the morning drink in your nice apartment. When it comes to toiletries, stock the bathroom with toilet paper, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, tissues, and a first aid kit. A hairdryer and a TV in the living room are a nice touch, as well.

Make room for privacy, as well

If you truly want to make your guests feel at home, you need to think of their privacy as well. If your apartment building is facing another one across the street, you need to properly dress your windows.

When doing so, think of something like practical motorized blinds that will come in handy to you as well, once you decide to return to your apartment. This will elevate the aesthetic of the room and give you a competitive advantage over other rentals.

Add some Instagrammable details

Invest in amazing artwork that will simply wow your guests from the first moment they enter the apartment. Just remember that people love taking photos and showcasing them online. This can be a great way for you to promote yourself as a great host so other people will like to stay at your place as well.

Wow your guests with the first impression

Prepare a guestbook for your guests so they can easily find their way around the place. List out the most important pieces of information like the wifi password, house rules, places to visit, where to eat, and how to have fun in your town.

Write down the emergency numbers and at least one number of taxi services. Let them know that they can also call you if they need any suggestions or help of any kind.

Just remember how you were treated when you were using the Airbnb services and go up a few notches. The time and resources you invest will return to you and be proof of a great decision.

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