How to Unlock Your Business’s Potential with Tailor-Made SEO

Now that we have entered the new year and the new decade, more companies are becoming aware of their ongoing strategies and unraveling plans for tackling the saturated market, no matter the industry they’re coming from.

Chances are, competition is only about to get even fiercer, especially in flourishing digital regions such as Asia and the US, where entrepreneurship is still on an upward trajectory. Just look at the speed at which startups arise in places such as Singapore or Hong Kong, and you’ll realize that the challenges these companies face don’t just come from ensuring quality services.

Setbacks and issues come from a growing number of competing businesses, especially the ones offering very similar services. They also come from customers whose expectations soar together with the market’s growing options and capabilities. All of those issues combined push businesses towards using smarter brand positioning and reputation-building strategies to grow their presence. Enter your SEO strategy.

Taking a tailor-made approach as opposed to using cookie-cutter solutions means you’re willing to pour your heart and soul into discovering, refining, and implementing continuously improved SEO tactics to position your business. Here’s what to do in that arena in 2020.

Focus on user experience

The “customer comes first” mindset is certainly not a new one, but it is becoming more vital in terms of how search engines will position your website in the results. Why? UX and customer behavior are clear indicators of your on-site best practices and will push you down the results page should you fail to please your visitors.

From technical SEO that defines how fast your website pages load, all the way to the layout of your digital presence, every single element of UX will affect how you rank online.

Focus on user experience

Your website, your social media accounts, your targeted ads, your post-purchase or abandoned cart reach-out programs, and every single touchpoint with your customers needs to be personalized, speedy, and hassle-free for you to earn that top spot in search results.

Good content is no longer enough

Once upon a time, brands would use their blog posts for occasional publications, they’d resort to keyword stuffing, and they wouldn’t go back to their link portfolio to make sure everything is in working order.

Today, such omissions and errors can cost your business its presence on the first search results page, which means these mistakes render you invisible in the eyes of your customers. We’ve come so far with our expectations that even solid content won’t cut it anymore. Now? You need content that exudes E-A-T: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Good content is no longer enough

This is especially vital in regions such as Hong Kong where competition is becoming harsher every day. That means you need no-fluff, purpose-driven publishing that focuses on authority sources, cites relevant, acclaimed experts, and educates the reader.

As a result, companies will often work with a professional SEO agency in Hong Kong to build a comprehensive content strategy and improve their ranking over time. What’s vital to remember is that this is not a one-time step in the right direction, but an ongoing effort that requires creativity, technical expertise, and continuous education and research to position yourself with the help of your high-quality, authoritative content.

Mobile comes first

Today more than ever, we utilize our phones to give us directions, discover new products, chat with brands, and make purchasing decisions. We also browse on mobile, and with more people having access to these handy devices, it’s no wonder that Google and other search engines have given top priority to mobile optimization. So much so that they’ve officially labeled mobile as the primary ranking factor for businesses, which means that your mobile site affects your ranking first.

Mobile comes first

In 2020, this trend will only become even more vital for digital businesses trying to outrank their competition. To make sure you’re on the right track, keep an eye on your mobile metrics as much as you do on your website’s general performance analytics. That way, you can adjust the KPIs you focus on to boost the mobile experience of your brand online.

Leverage influencers over ads

Too many businesses focus on all SEO factors that are directly linked to ranking them in the SERPs that they still fail to spot “outside” ingredients that have the power to boost your link portfolio across the board and increase your relevance in the results. One of them includes collaborating with influencers, especially instead of investing in paid ads that can often seem intrusive and less than interesting for generating loyalty, or even mild interest.

Leverage influencers over ads

Influencer partnerships have the potential to give your brand the long-term visibility, relevance, and authority it needs to deserve more website visits, reduce your bounce rate, and qualify more leads to interested customers.

By carefully crafting your influencer campaigns and selecting the products they review and the links they share, you can genuinely boost your website’s positioning in the SERPs.

Tailor-made SEO can consist of a myriad of different, equally customized ingredients, from tailor-made content to tailored mobile optimization for your website.

Make sure that 2020 is marked by an ongoing effort to preserve and grow your reputation with the help of approved SEO strategies, as well as these, increasingly important elements that will define your digital presence in the months to come.


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