How to Upgrade Your Shaving Routine

Regardless of where your shaving game is right now, we are here to tell you that you could improve your shaving game even more. For most men, shaving is a ritual that is more like a means to an end and less like a self-care routine. With a few extra steps that do not take too much time, you could go from just a shaved face to someone who manages to achieve perfection every time they hold a blade in their hand. If you are astonished by this level of comparison, then you might want to continue reading because the steps we are sharing here may surprise you!


Preparing Your Face is Key!

Did you think all you had to do is wake and apply shaving gel directly to your face first thing in the morning? Of course, that is not the correct way to go about it. The purpose of shaving is to remove hair from your face and asking your razor or shaver to do more than that is uncalled for. The first thing to do is to clean your face with a facewash. A good quality facewash is not too expensive, and it can do wonders for your skin even without considering the shaving process.

Let the Steam Help You

It is a good idea to turn up the heat in your bathroom when shaving. The steam is great for softening your skin and would make the work of your shaver or razer much easier. The movement becomes much smoother and the risk of cutting yourself accidentally also decreases dramatically. While you could take the steam directly, an easier method would be to dunk your head in a bowl full of slightly warm water for a few minutes and let the magic happen. This step is so helpful and important that you can even buy heated razors now which open the pores on your face on the go.


Always Apply Cream with a Brush

Many of us simply take the shaving cream and rub it on our face to cover all the areas that we need to shave. While this method is perfectly fine for doing the job, it is not enough for doing it properly. There is a reason why we have a dedicated tool for applying shaving cream to our faces. The brush has hair that acts as an exfoliation device as well. In addition to applying the cream, the brush also loosens any dead skin particles that may be stuck to your hair and face. Therefore, when you shave, you will automatically ‘wipe off the skin cells, making the final look much smoother.

Switch to Hot Lather

One big problem that men can face with shaving creams and gels is that the coat they get may be too thin or too thick. This can often cause inaccurate shaving cuts and even leave your face looking like it is only half done. Reapplying cream and shaving again is not ideal either, as it could damage your skin. A good practice is to use hot lather which is basically a foam created by adding shaving cream in a lather machine. This can lead to a much smoother look and feel on your face.


Finishing Things Off the Right Way

Once you are done shaving your face, you are not done with the process. There is one critical step that makes sure your skin continues to look smooth and beautiful and that is applying aftershave. You could opt for any aftershave you like, be it liquid or balm, or anything else for that matter. This hydration layer will protect your skin and result in a flawless shave every time!

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