How To Use Big Bongs For Smoking Cannabis

Bongs which are also known as binger or bubbler are cannabis pipes you can use to smoke weed. These pipes use water which can cool and filter the weed smoke to produce a clean-tasting and smooth experience. The smoking process is pretty straightforward because you only need to pull the smoke through a chamber that has water. This article will explain how you can use bongs to smoke cannabis. Make sure you are buying the best cannabis flower to load into your bong. You can order the best cannabis flower through cannabis delivery companies like GrassDoor!


How a bong works

You can find bongs that have different sizes and shapes. Some are basic with only a bowl and chamber while others are quite colorful and have awe-inspiring artwork. Regardless of their types, they all do the same thing, meaning they are all designed to cool and filter the smoke from the burning cannabis.

In most cases, you can come across bongs that have a small bowl that is intended to hold dried cannabis. Therefore, when you light the cannabis, it burns. Meanwhile, you can inhale while the water placed at the bottom of your bong bubbles. The smoke then rises via the water and chamber before it enters your mouth. 


Using a bong

You need to know how to use a big bong so that you can enjoy your cannabis. To use a bong, you need to have your favorite strain of weed, a bong, a lighter, water, and a grinder. Below are the steps on how you can use a bong:


Step 1: Prepare your bong

Place the downstream and make sure that the bowl slides are in and there is no ash. Also, fill the water chamber with water by ensuring the bottom of the downstem is submerged.


Step 2: Grind your weed

Place cannabis into a grinder and ensure that the weed is fully ground. Alternatively, you can use your fingers or a pair of scissors to grind the weed. Ideally, you should break the weed into uniform small chunks. 


Step 3: Pack the bowl

Now that the weed is ground, you can pick up a pinch of weed using your fingertips. Put the pinch of cannabis into the bowl. Next, tamp the weed down into the bowl using your finger or a tamping tool. But make sure that you don’t pack the weed too tightly into the bowl to avoid problems when pulling the smoke. 


Step 4: Ignite the weed

Use a lighter to ignite the weed at a corner of your bowl. While doing this, place your mouth to the mouthpiece and begin pulling in the smoke. You only need to have a smooth and steady pull to make sure the smoke moves from the bowl via the downstream. 


Step 5: Clear the chamber

Once you see that the chamber is full of smoke and you want to take a hit, you should clear the chamber. You can do this by sliding the bowl out from the downstream while continuing to pull the smoke. 

When you remove the bowl, the airflow is open and the air flows through the bong. In this way, the air pushes the smoke up to the mouthpiece and into your mouth.

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  1. Great content on how to use big bongs. I have been a stoner for years now but I have always preferred using papers to lit my shocktane strain anytime I want to have a hit. With the help of your blog I may consider smoking cannabis now using a big bong pretty soon.
    Many thanks cheers!!

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