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How To Use Information From Vehicle Identification Number


Vehicle Identification Number is unique 17-character individual vehicle number. The overall information about the vehicle is encoded in VIN. In order to decode such information you have to order either VIN check, or VIN decoding.

Both services are equally important, although each of them provides different type of information. You can follow to get the basic data. This service is usually very cheap or free of charge. VIN check, on the contrary, will give you more data. You can get it full for additional payment.

How To Use Information From Vehicle Identification Number

VIN Decoder Service and Its Advantages

VIN decoder gives the driver much valuable information about the car, including:

  • true year of production;
  • real technical parameters of transmission, brakes and engine;
  • unique production code, etc.

VIN is sort of vehicle passport. In concise manner it will tell you all about the vehicle. This service is particularly needed for the buyers of the used cars. When the customer buys a used vehicle, the primary source of information about the vehicle is the previous owner. Such people usually try to hide unpleasant facts about the car.


Very often, they speculate on some basic facts. They, for example, make the car look and seem newer than it is. In this case, the buyer not only loses money, but also gets some major technical problems later on. The older the car is, the worse its performance. Often the buyers spend thousands of dollars only some months after purchase to fix the used vehicle.

Each driver can get a VIN decoding quickly. For that, he needs to put the Vehicle Identification Number into decoder and scan it. Within seconds, he will get a precise and accurate report. The drivers can even do it from their mobile phones.

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VIN Check and Its Importance

VIN check is a different type of service. That is a far more complex service compared to VIN decoder. The information obtained will tell the customer a lot about the used car. Here is the data you can get:


  • Information about inspection, services, etc. That is a necessary data to know. The sellers of used cars usually claim that the car is almost new, or is in perfect condition. In reality, the vehicle could have underwent multiple accidents and repairing. More importantly, with VIN check you will find out about the inspections outcome for the given car. Think about yearly technical inspection. You certainly want to know if the car you buy underwent such inspection successfully.
  • Structural damages. No seller of a used car will tell you about invisible structural damages the car has. If you order the VIN check and discover there may be damages, you can negotiate the price with the seller.
  • Personal, police or taxi use. You will surely agree that the way we use the vehicle is important. Taxi drivers may be more inaccurate and careless than owners, and taxi or police may use the car more often and for longer distances. The manner of exploitation defines the level of wear of the car.


This is only some examples of the data the VIN check will tell you. Vehicle Identification Number can reveal very important information about your car. Make sure to use it and to find out more about the vehicle.

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