How to Use Royalty Free Music on Twitch Streams

Did you know that over 3.8 million streamers use Twitch? Not everyone on the platform uses it to stream video games. However, everyone streaming on Twitch needs good music.

Twitch music is a tricky subject, especially if you’re a beginner. That’s why you must use royalty-free music to ensure you won’t suffer from removed streams. But with no prior experience, you won’t know what music to use and where to get proper music.

Don’t feel hopeless yet.

We’ve got a guide to help you learn how to avoid Twitch takedowns by using proper music. This ensures your Twitch career continues to grow. Read on and find out more:

Current Twitch Guidelines for Music

As a general rule, Twitch will only allow you to use the music you own. It goes beyond the music you make since you need only get the required rights or license for the music to use on their platform. Owning a CD or an mp3 file doesn’t equate to owning the music.

Twitch only allows four music categories for you to use in your streams these include:

Music You Own

These include music you wrote, recorded, or performed. Even when you own the music, ask your record label before you use it on Twitch. This ensures you avoid some possible issues.

Licensed Music

These are the music you own through licensing, allowing you to share it on a public platform. Royalty-free music falls into this category.

Twitch Sings Music

These are songs you sang on Twitch Sings. You can only use it as long as it adheres to the Terms and Services of the streaming platform.

Twitch Music Library

These are authorized music distributed by the streaming platform using their Music Library.

If the music falls in any other category, it isn’t legal to use. This means Twitch disallows its use on their platform. If you aren’t sure whether you can use a specific song, approach Twitch customer service for a definite answer.

The bad news is that knowing the music you can’t use isn’t straightforward. That’s why some Twitch streamers find themselves in hot water.

Where to Find Royalty Free Music for Twitch

The best way to avoid penalties or getting muted streams is to use royalty free music for Twitch. Here are some great places to get these:

1. Twitch Music Library

As said above, the Twitch Music Library is one of the most basic outlets for you to get copyright-free music. This is possible because Twitch collaborated with various artists and labels worldwide. With this, you get both royalty-free and globally-cleared tracks and audio files to your live stream.

It’s certified safe for use in both live streams and videos on demand (VoDs). The caveat is that your chosen tracks are only valid on the Twitch platform. Regardless, it has a wide array of genres to pick from, meaning it will cater to streamers no matter their music taste.

2. Monstercat

This platform is easy to use if you want to add more tunes to your live stream or VoD. You can get a Twitch Content Creator License subscription for $5 per month. With this, you can get 100% of your advertising revenue and get no copyright claims.

3. Pretzel

This platform offers both live streamers and vloggers a selection of music safe from DMCAs. The best part is that it’s usable even in monetized streams. Pretzel often updates to include more recent tracks, making it desirable for streamers looking for the latest music.

Pretzel removes the need for downloading since it has a useful integrated player. It also has a chatbot designed to announce the tracks it plays. It even has a music filter, making it a perfect platform for content creators.

4. Spotify Music Library

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms. Take note, most of the songs within Spotify aren’t suitable for VoDs, live streams, and broadcasts. But the caveat is that this platform offers a Twitch Music Library.

In this library, you’ll see lots of tracks and songs allowed for Twitch live streams. If you’re familiar with Spotify, this is your best bet.

5. Incompetech Music Library

The Incompetech library requires you to credit their source if you aren’t keen on buying a music license. It means you must insert the name of the piece and other information such as the source link. After that, put a statement that you’re using a Creative Commons License for your live stream.

Do you think that’s too bothersome? If so, you can buy a Standard License. It’s $30 per piece, but if you buy three or more, the price becomes $20 each.

6. MachinimaSound

Like Incompetech, Machinima offers permits to listen and share with other listeners for their free tracks. It uses the Creative Commons License, meaning you must credit it as stated above. You can’t use these tracks in public projects unless you buy an additional Project License.

The good news is that the license applies across all their tracks and genres.

7. Popskyy

Popskyy has a Mega Pack containing over a hundred electronic and chiptune songs. It’s a great choice for a wide selection of live streams and VoDs. If you want additional albums for your live streams, you must give due credit whenever you use them.

8. SoundStripe

This platform has two premium plans to let you access its music library. Its $11.25 monthly subscription allows you to use its music licenses and playlists without limits. As for their $21 monthly subscription, you get the same features as the former but you get over 30,000 sound effects for your stream.

9. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound has over 30,000 royalty-free tracks in several genres. With their program, you can download each track separately. They have an affordable personal plan that covers music for various platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

Get Twitch Music Today!

These are some things you must know when using royalty-free music on Twitch. Avoiding Twitch takedowns is easy if you use the platforms mentioned above.

Did this guide help improve your Twitch streams? If so, consider reading our other posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks today.

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