How Transport Companies Can Have More Control of Their Fleets

One of the major problems in terms of efficiency for transport companies is their inability to follow their fleet wherever they go and to pinpoint what is impacting their ability to perform well. If you are working to become a better fleet manager, here is what fleet management software can do to improve the control that you have over your fleet.

Track Your Fleet and Assets

One of the easiest ways to have more control of your fleet is to track your fleet and its assets at all times and use technology to do so. Whereas in years past, there was no way to know what your fleet was doing once they left the warehouse, fleet management software now allows you to know where your vehicles are and your assets’ location at all times.

At EnVue Telematics, they have a range of fleet management solutions available for you to choose from, including dash cameras and DOT Compliance from brands such as Geotab, Samsara, and Azuga. Not only will they help you to invest in the right software, but they can also help you to learn how to use the data that you collect properly. This can help you to have control of your fleet, and your transportation business, for many years to come.

Boost Driver Performance

A sharp decrease in driver performance can leave managers unable to meet targets and feeling as if they are out of control of what is happening to their fleet. However, there are many action steps that you can take toward boosting the performance of your drivers. This includes providing them with incentives, such as bonuses and overtime.

Fleet management software can allow you to constantly receive and analyze data from your drivers to distinguish what is happening. Not only this, but the increased safety protocols of this software will naturally boost driver performance by allowing them to feel more comfortable at work.

Open Communication

To boost your fleet’s performance and be able to have complete control of your company when they are on the road, you need to develop open communication between yourself and your drivers. Fleet management software can help you to do this by allowing you to constantly check up on your drivers and to be alerted when there is an issue immediately, such as if a vehicle needs maintenance.

Plan Effective Routes

If your fleet struggles to meet deadlines and wants to take back control, you should actively plan live routes for drivers and manage these. You should also work to be in better control of your dispatch process.

You can do this by installing fleet management software, too, as it can help you work out the best roads for your drivers to take and how to slash the driving time for your employees, meaning that all you have to do is to put it into action. It can also help you to reduce the cost of your fleet effectively.

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