How To Treasure Your Precious Memories For A Lifetime

Think about the photos that you have of the big moments in your lifetime, like your graduation, your wedding, or your firstborn child — these are the occasions that will always be important to you. Precious memories shouldn’t be backlogged on a social media account — they should be displayed proudly in your home so that you can glance at them every single day.

The best way that you can treasure all of your precious memories is to print them out for display. Instead of printing a series of photos and shoving them into plastic sleeves for an album, you can create something much more impressive to show off your pictures.

With the help of the website Photoroost, you can make a digital scrapbook of your photos and print them out in sleek packages — you can put together wall calendars, yearbooks, and mini-books of all of the photos you hold dear.

The website has user-friendly software designed so that anyone can upload pictures and arrange them however they want. You should go online and check out to see all of the customizable options available — the website encourages you to get as creative with your projects as possible.

If you want to treasure your memories with a professionally printed package, you should start by sorting through your photo collection and choosing the ones you want to have included. Sort them based on a theme, so that the entire package has a clear purpose and understandable focus.

You wouldn’t want to create a calendar of just pictures from your wedding and a trip to Hawaii two years later because that theme doesn’t make sense. The package should be based on a cohesive theme or be organized around the window of time that the photos were taken, like a weekend or a season.

For instance, the best pictures from your engagement or wedding photoshoot would be perfect choices for a themed mini-book. Or you can use a yearbook to document the months of pregnancy until your baby’s birthday —this can include pictures of the pregnancy announcement, the ultrasounds, the maternity photoshoot, the finished nursery, the baby shower, and more. The yearbook format has text space for you to describe the special moments, so you can write about the events — for example, you can write about the baby’s progress in weight, size, and age.

Other important moments that deserve to be treasured:

  • Traveling to a different country
  • The first day of school
  • A milestone anniversary
  • Moving into a new home
  • Family reunions

Think about all of the precious moments that you have experienced in your life — whether it’s a wedding, a birth, or an exhilarating trip, you will want to treasure those memories forever. If you have pictures of those moments, you should make sure they don’t stay stuck on a phone or a computer. Take those photos and print them out in wonderful packages, so that you can preserve those memories on paper for the rest of your life.

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