How You Stand To Benefit From The Package Locker Service

Self-storage is a service born in America that consists of renting safe and secure boxes to store goods. Individuals and companies choose package locker services in NYC when they need extra space to deposit furniture, boxes, personal items, documents, etc. 

The customer chooses the space he needs and then takes care of its management, accessing it whenever he needs it. 

Self-storage is an excellent solution if you need to renovate your home and temporarily store your furniture, if you have a cellar or garage that is too small and needs more space for your boxes and goods, or if you need to store furniture in a disused room.

If you are a company, self-storage helps store documents in a safe and secure place, storing furniture for medium-long periods or storing non-everyday objects.

Self Storage is a space to be used at any time to store, sort, archive, or store everything that no longer enters the home or office like a cellar or a warehouse, but with simpler management. With rental boxes of different sizes, it is also suitable for large objects, perfect for the safekeeping and storage of furniture.

  • Box, available in 5 types of sizes, safe, confidential, dry, and clean, ideal for storing everything that doesn’t find a place in the home or office
  • Service is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day, all year round, thanks to an efficient revenue automation system
  • The safety of the boxes is protected by alarm systems and video surveillance, which, however, guarantee total confidentiality inside the personal boxes.
  • Cleaning of common areas carried out daily by companies specialized in sanitation
  • Easily and quickly reachable, as it is located in the industrial area

Benefits of package locker services

The advantage of choosing a self-storage service lies in the fact that you can organize your space as you see fit, you can access it when you need it, and you have the security of storing your assets in a protected place.

  • The boxes are well lit, are equipped with fire and intrusion safety systems, are dry, and allow comfortable loading and unloading of goods.
  • Self-storage and temporary storage are often seen as the same service, but storage is not. 
  • Self-storage is a service that consists of renting one or more boxes to store furniture, personal items, furniture, boxes, documents, and more completely autonomously.
  • Package locker provides its own secure and safe box, and it will be the customer to deal with the organization of spaces.
  • Even for simpler domestic activities such as the change of season, self-storage proves to be a useful, convenient, and ecological solution.
  • Safety is undoubtedly important, and it is also one of the main qualities.
  • Self-storage is the ideal solution for optimizing space and resources. It allows you to store items, clothing, sports equipment, furniture, books, and collections temporarily outside the home, freeing up space in the house and making it more comfortable, clean tidy.

Package locker

As an expansion strategy, the package locker service will allow thousands of consumers to try innovative products of all kinds—samples and products of new yogurts, drinks, ice creams, food, or other market novelties. 

Users will only have to register, withdraw the product, and send their opinions to the brand. The lockers are also designed for other uses, such as, for example, collecting food purchases online at the time and place the user chooses. The user purchases their trusted supermarket and receives an unlock code.

Parcel locker self-service terminal pickup mode has changed the “waiting for the parcel” that people were used to and has been changed to a more flexible and convenient self-service “pick up.”

 In addition to improving courier delivery efficiency, it also offers recipients a more convenient self-service experience. Self-service delivery & collection via smart parcel locker has become the norm for parcel delivery.

 The courier takes just 30 seconds to deliver a package using a locker, while traditional delivery takes more than 7 minutes on average. It can significantly increase the delivery quantity without increasing the manpower. The smart parcel locker can also improve shipping efficiency. 

The traditional shipping method involves waiting for the courier to arrive at the door, and the time is uncertain. Delivery through the locker is speedy and convenient, bringing efficiency improvements to the “last mile” and improving the consumer’s parcel service experience.

Package locker service offers warehouses with sizes ranging from 1 to 33 cubic meters, equipped with anti-intrusion and fire-fighting systems, dry, well-lit, and insured. 

Choose a package locker service if you are a private individual or a company, need a space to store your goods, and organize the spaces as you please.

The temporary storage of the package locker service is instead a service designed for the customer’s comfort. By choosing this solution, you will be able to take advantage of all the services we offer: you will rely on a team of highly specialized personnel who will take care of all stages of the deposit.

Choose your ideal box:

  • Decide which space is suitable for you.
  • Choose how long you need it for.
  • Choose the services that best suit your needs.

The temporary deposit will allow you to face your deposit with serenity and tranquility. 

The team takes care of the disassembly, packaging, labeling, and transport of all your goods to and from our warehouses. Your furnishings, furniture, boxes, and documents will be organized inside the box of your choice which you can access whenever you want.

Geographic Location: If you are storing goods to free up space in your home or basement, choosing a warehouse close to your home within a radius of about 10 km is advisable. This is to minimize transport costs, especially in cases of self-storage.

The company guarantees The guarantees that the chosen company can offer you are very important. Promises mean a safe, clean, supervised space with alarms and fire prevention systems. The stipulation of an explicit contract indicates the deposit’s conditions, the time of the deposit, the protection and responsibilities of the parties, and a transparent and clear price, as agreed in the estimate phase.

Storage costs: understand if the price of the package locker service you are looking for is convenient for your needs.

Testimonials of satisfaction: find out about the chosen company. Have other customers tried it? Are there any reviews online? Contact the people who have already used that company for more info. The word of a satisfied customer is worth more than any guarantee.

Conclusion: Smart lockers are automated lockers where people can easily exchange safely without coordinating a previous encounter.  Its use will bring with it remarkable independence for the buyer, who will continue with their daily tasks with greater peace of mind by trusting in the privacy of this service that ensures the delivery of their product.

The location of the lockers is strategic. They are usually located close to business centers, financial areas, workspaces, service stations, shopping, or cultural centers. Any place where there is a high concentration of people with profiles whose frequency of purchase online is high is attractive for the installation of smart lockers.

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