Hybrid Cars – How They Operate

Many people might not know what exactly a hybrid cars are and how it works. First of all, it is very crucial to understand that a hybrid car is not the same as an electric vehicle. A hybrid automotive can be quite different from the upcoming plug-in hybrids. Today’s hybrid auto is an amalgam of an electric motor with a gasoline-powered combustion engine. In an electric vehicle there is a set of batteries that supply energy to the electric motor that runs the wheels, whereas, in the gas-powered vehicles, heat energy is generated by burning gasoline that powers the engine. In the hybrid electric vehicles, there are three different models, the series hybrids, the parallel hybrids, and the split hybrids.

Unlike a battery-powered automobile or in the short electric car, the hybrid comprises an internal combustion engine, though it adds other electrical components such as batteries and motors to boost efficiency and utilize some of the energy wasted in an internal combustion engine.


Parallel hybrids are those vehicles that combine both internal combustion engines as well as an electric motor to generate energy to run the wheels. There are some modified models that are quite different from the plug-in hybrids that are expected to be launched in the automotive market in the near future.

In some gas-electric hybrids the internal combustion gives maximum thrust and the electric motor provides additional power for accelerating, or while climbing hills. This mechanical approach typically allows a smaller internal combustion engine and greater MPG. The electric motor is often the only source of propulsion in low-speed conditions, such as driving in the city roads.


Moreover, at the risk of oversimplification, a plug-in hybrid is basically reverse-engineered. In simple words, the electric motor provides heavy lifting power while the combustion engine provides additional energy after the energy generated by the electric motor has been used up.

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