Hygienic Wall Panels You Should Use This Year

This year, health and safety tend to be an important point of consideration, a deciding factor in almost all of the things we bring inside our homes while, of course, keeping an eye on the aesthetics, and the fulfillment it brings once the project is done.

Hygienic Wall Panels

If you are in search of new and improved wall panels for your lovely abode, you might find yourself roaming around big box stores (Wall Panels from Home Depot, Lowes, etc) trying to spot a perfect one to achieve your desired look for your wall panels. But hang in there and get to know our Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels first.

Our team at Duramax offers hygienic Trusscore PVC Panels to keep you and your loved ones away from germs, and viruses were given the right care. Our Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels are water-resistant and can be used for wet environments, including your washrooms, bathrooms, or anywhere with high-moisture.

Trusscore PVC Panels

We can guarantee you that Duramax Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Panels will neither be infested, nor form molds and mildew as compared to Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels which may absorb moisture from the wood, and rot in the process. It is definitely an affordable FRP panel as it also eliminates the need for Oriented String Board (OSB) backing panels. For more info about why the Duramax Trusscore PVC Panel is better than any other wall panels on the market and FRP, read more here:

Duramax Trusscore Wall

Apart from that, its installation is hassle-free—not time-consuming, with no messy gluing or other adhesives, and can be assembled even without the need for an assistant.  It is made with an interlocking feature, making it easy to install. Check how it’s easy it is to install Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Panels with our Installation Guide:

Upkeep of our Trusscore PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels is simple too! All you need is a microfiber cleaning cloth and soapy warm water. Wipe all the portions of the wall and ceiling panels, including the areas that are frequently touched, and apply more pressure on areas where dirt is visible.

Trusscore products

In drying the material, wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth. It is recommended to have the cleaning done on a weekly or monthly basis to maintain that fresh & clean look even for years.

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