People are often heard to say I need help losing weight. Losing weight is a crucial factor in caring for your overall health and considerably reducing exposure to innumerable health hazards like heart attack and stroke. It’s not at all a simple task to lose extra pounds and, for many people, it’s quite a challenge; also believed to be a rather costly venture.

Don’t let yourself be daunted but be determined to lose weight by getting and acting upon the right answers to I need help losing weight questions!

Well, read on and learn more about what The Lose Weight Diet signifies; the only way to get over I need help losing weight worries is to fully contemplate about the right things to drink, eat, and exercise efficiently.


Let’s have a look at five, very obvious, and realistic ways of losing weight that you must know if you are serious about this weight loss journey. The first thing you need to know is how many calories you are consuming and how many calories are sufficient for you in one day.


The biggest misunderstanding in a desire to lose weight is that too much time is wasted on discovering how much protein fat or carbohydrates are being consumed.

Eat whole wheat bread, not white bread, brown rice not white rice, real food not processed food, or a hoard of other opinions on enhancing health and diet quality. This, however, will do nothing about solving the I need help losing weight problem. Read here about things that cause belly fat.

Not to say that it’s wrong to have a proper intake of fat, protein, and carbohydrates; paying attention to their grams and best quality sources. That’s very important and great work but it won’t affect weight loss.

The one thing that can solve your weight loss dilemma is cutting down on your calorie intake. You need a deficit here. Figure out how many calories you’re consuming at present and keep cutting down on the amount by a few hundred consistently.

For example, if at present you’re eating about 3000 calories daily and you’re saying, “I need help losing weight!” Then, you can get your objective by reducing your daily consumption to 2500 calories. Yes! This is how to lose weight; slowly reduce your calorie consumption and watch yourself get slim.

So, instead of concentrating on reducing carbohydrates, fat, or protein, contemplating to improve your diet by eating healthy food and not unhealthy food, and many other conjectures…this is all fine…but, for solving the I need help losing weight problem, you need to cut down on calories.

The fact of the matter is that if you’re gaining weight due to a daily intake of 3000 calories, it doesn’t matter what type of food they’re coming from, healthy or not; it’s the calorie amount that’s making you fat!

On the other hand, if cutting down to 2500 calories helps you to lose weight, then again the food source is of little importance. If reducing your calories is helping your body to weigh less, then so it shall be. Moreover, there are some specific foods to avoid losing weight.


It is true, that the key to I need help losing weight problems is a gradual reduction in daily calorie intake. A very good way of doing this is to avoid drinking calories as well.

Abstaining from your regular Coke or other carbonated drinks, fruit juice, alcoholic beverages, or any other type of liquid calories will substantially reduce your daily calorie intake and pave the way for you to begin losing weight.

You don’t require exercise or a diet reduction; exchange drinks loaded with calories for those that don’t have any, like simple water. This is one of the most obvious and simplest ways to lose weight; declare war against liquid calories!


Here’s another very important I need help losing weight tip: doctors and other health experts hold the strong view that the appropriate rate of weight loss is around 1 or 2 pounds a week. Being realistic enough to expect this will greatly enhance your ability to continue with your weight loss efforts.

However, if you are ordinary enough to watch TV, browse the net, spend time reading newspapers and magazines, etc; you’ll be expecting a lot faster and unrealistic weight loss results. Read here the best exercises to lose belly fat for women.

You have nothing to gain from harboring unrealistic expectations; all you do is waste effort, time, and money to attain something that can never actually occur. You just end up moving in circles, trying different ways without achieving any weight loss whatsoever.

The ideal healthy weight loss rate is a weekly 1 to 2 pounds; if you’re searching for a method giving a weekly result of 10 to 20 lbs, you’re being unrealistic, wasting time and effort trying to accomplish something that just isn’t possible. This is the basic reason why people just “give up” on losing weight and end up being disheartened.


People who don’t keenly observe their diet may very well be missing a very important cause of the I need help losing weight issue. The best way to keep track of your calorie intake is, of course, to track the diet itself.

An easy way of doing this is to use a free Calorie Counter and add your daily food intake and this diet tracking tool will simply count calories, fat, protein, and all other nutrients. This will give you an exact picture of what and how much you’re eating. People who don’t do this, don’t realize that this is the actual key to losing weight and, therefore, they just aren’t losing weight!

It’s not just your diet that you need to record but also your ability to workout. The only way to improve your physical strength, endurance, muscle build-up, and other desired physical traits is by trying to gradually increase the amount of your daily exercise.

For example, if you’ve been lifting 15 lbs for 5 reps, It’s time you moved on to 15 lbs for 6 reps now. If you’ve been jogging for 20 minutes a day, increase this to 25 or 30 minutes a day. Push yourself to exceed your previous capacity; this is what you call progress in solving the problem of I to need help in losing weight. But if you are a pregnant woman, the case will be different. You can read here simple workouts for pregnant women.

In trying to properly assess your progress: weigh yourself weekly, take weekly measurements of your waist, chest, legs, or whatever else you choose, and keep records. Even take pictures of yourself now and then.

This helps in noticing your progress as your daily viewing of yourself in the mirror makes it difficult to take note of all the small gradual improvements taking place. This will also help to keep you motivated.


Yes, this is all there is to it. You better believe it, this is how you’re going to succeed in dealing with the whole aspect of I need help losing weight talk. There’s no such thing as a miracle pill or product or whatever.

Forget about all unrealistic possibilities and be sincere with yourself, follow this simple, effective, and sound weight loss procedure.

Don’t pay any notice to all the advertising, diets, magazines, supplements, websites, or other types of weight losing hoaxes as they aim to keep you from understanding the real solution. So be wise and ignore it all!


The solution to why I need help losing weight is cutting down on calorie intake. Eat healthy food but stay focused on calories because that’s what matters when considering weight loss. Ignore all alluring and entirely false advertising of miraculous weight-losing ventures, they are all a waste of time, effort, and even money.

Developing unrealistic expectations leads to confusion and prevents you from doing what you need to be doing; tracking and improving your calorie intake rate.

Stop lamenting, “I need help losing weight!” Follow this advice and there’s no reason why you can’t have the body you want. If you want to lose weight effectively, then it’s up to you to have the determination and motivation to be able to do just that. Learn more fitness tips here. Must give your feedback in the comments section below!

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