Top 5 Best Ideas for App Marketing in 2020

App marketing is a way to leverage the number of mobile apps downloads and user engagement. 2019 has been a digitalized year. With more than 3.5 billion active smartphone users, the world has stepped into the mobile app optimization world. And what’s more theses number will increase in 2020.

Everybody wants one-click access to everything. Nobody wants a lengthy process.

Let’s take you for example, what would you choose visiting the bank for doing the transaction or just have an app that will help you do all the banking process with just one click.

Leave the banking apps. Take the restaurant app. All the restaurant has its own website. Still, we want an app that we can keep on our phone for easy access.

This is why mobile app marketing is on the rise.


Mobile app marketing ideas

There are more than 2.8 million apps on the android app store alone. If you are thinking of launching a new app and throwing that into the turbulent app ocean, forget about your app getting any recognition.

If you really want your app to get user’s consideration, you need to do a thorough app marketing for your app.

Here are the app marketing ideas that can help you to build a good reputation for your app.


  1. Make your app sharable

When you are developing your app, you have to make sure of certain rules and regulations. This is just to make sure that your app is user-friendly and does not carry any bug.

The most important thing to remember is that you must have a sharable option for your app, this way your app can be shared by the user to their dear ones.

Not having a sharable option can affect the popularity of your app. This can limit the range of your app marketing.


  1. Do a pre-launch app campaign

Even before you start developing the app, you need to start doing a campaign for your apps. This campaign should highlight all of the key points that can benefit users.

The pre-launch campaign comes first on the app marketing to-do list. This campaign not only helps you to create awareness of the apps, but it also collects the valuable feedback from the audiences.

This feedback and suggestion can be used as a source of information while developing your app.


  1. Create a webpage of the app

You are developing an app but have you created a database for the app or any kind of portfolio for the app? People may ask all kinds of questions regarding the app or they may have a curiosity about understanding the app.

You need to be prepared for those kinds of circumstances. You can create a website that holds all the necessary information about your app.

When there are app queries, you can simply direct them to the website. This way not only gain audience trust, but you will know what kind of audiences are interested in your app.


  1. Create a Prototype model

App marketing is all about creating awareness of the newly launched app and testing its range in the market. What better strategy could be to test the popularity of the app than beta testing.

You can create a prototype model and launch it before the official launch date. This way you can check the popularity of the app and how well it is working for the users.

The beta testing strategy is the best strategy for app marketing because it keeps the user engaged. You can also analyze their behaviors through community chat and what improvement is required in the apps.


  1. Increase your social media presence

2019 has been a socially active year. With more than 2.65 billion active users. These numbers will increase in 2020.

Social media has been a new strategy for engaging with audiences and potential customers. Everybody is present on social media, so why should not you? This will not only increase the app exposure but you may find potential users for your app.

Create a page on all the social media platforms, and start sharing information related to the apps. Do campaign, post regularly, provide them with the sneak peek of your app. This way audiences will stick with you.

App marketing uses social media platforms to create awareness among the users and never let them forget about the official release date. They even hype up the audiences with the promo codes and coupons for the first few downloads. This all just to get the maximum number of downloads on the release date.



App marketing is all about making people aware of the new app that will be launched in the near future. The effort that is required for developing an app, that the same effort is required to make the known among the common people.

You may be launching an app that is already in the market. Your competition is already in the market even before you launched an app. Can you feel the pressure now? This the pressure of doing an app marketing.


I have the above words not to discourage you but to make you the importance of app marketing.

In this article, I have pointed out some of the ideas that can help you with the app marketing Ideas.

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