Ideas To Boost Your Table With Murano Glass

Decorative glass blown centerpieces

Do you ever think your table looks a bit plain? Do you maybe feel like it’s missing something? If so a decorative centerpiece is the item you are looking for.

Centerpieces are handy objects which assolve the double function of decorating and carrying objects, especially fruit! The best part about them is that they perfectly suit every table, whether it’s your coffee table as well as your dining one or an entrance console table and they can even be put on your kitchen counter to make it even more stunning.

Centerpieces come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, but the most exclusive are the ones made of Murano glass. This special kind of glass – known as blown glass- is made only in the Venetian Lagoon by highly skilled artisans, precisely on the Island of Murano from which they take their name. Among the things that make such products special, the one that’s probably outstanding is the special technique – named blown technique – these people use to work and shape the glass.

Murano Glass centerpieces can be divided into 3 categories: glass blown decorative bowls, glass decorative plates, and last but not least glass decorative eggs. Each piece is hand-made by artisans and one can immediately tell the difference with an industrial product with just the touch of a hand. This being the consequence of the way they were produced, following traditions carried on for generations. These last being refined over time specifically to handle a material both fragile and somewhat plastic as only glass is.

Firstly, among the centerpieces, fine glass decorative bowls surely are the ones that best assolve the function of housing objects without forgetting a taste for the aesthetic. Giving a splash of color to the room and the table or counter where it stands has never been easier with a glass bowl! Just imagine, who wouldn’t want a nice colorful bowl full of fresh fruit ready for you to grab and taste with a refreshing drink on a sunny day?

However, these kinds of bowls aren’t just practical objects which can come in handy to display fruit and add a unique touch to your room. In fact, even if you decide to keep this centerpiece empty and put them on display just as they are you can be sure that they will still make an outstanding impression on anyone, as they are such iconic pieces that yet alone they can work as a refined object of design which will boost any table and even shelf.

If you are looking for something elegant which will fit every room with its timeless beauty a glass decorative plate is what you need. Murano glass decorative plates can be put everywhere and if you want to add a bit of color to your home there are plenty of options available to meet even the most challenging demands. Such products just like the glass bowls, can assolve both the function of carrying or displaying things as well as the one of simply enriching your house. If this last part is your primary goal, you will be pleased to know that some products were designed exclusively for this use so you can choose the one that suits you and your house best.

As for glass decorative eggs, these certainly are products you don’t find everywhere and if you are looking for something no one has, they are your must-have. Just think about it, do you know many people who own them? To possess one of these Italian masterpieces means to truly have something precious which can be displayed in any room you prefer, but they surely fit best in a living room where they can be seen by you and your guests whose admiration will be guaranteed. Each egg is unique as each one of them is different from the other, even if just slightly in shape, making them a one-of-a-kind piece. This being a trait only high-quality artisanal products are known to have.

Besides, some of these glass eggs can also work as jewel cases so you can keep them in your bedroom as well where they will be an original complement of design too.

All of these glass-blown decorative centerpieces can be found at where I recommend giving a look. As you will see for yourself, if you aren’t really into centerpieces or if you are looking for something else to make your house even more special there is a wide variety of products between which you can choose, ranging from glass sculptures, jewelry, lamps, blown glasswares and even glass mirrors made following traditions just like they were at the times of ancient Venice!

Keep in mind that every product comes carefully packaged and with the Trademark of Origin, specifically made to protect you and such products –the excellence of Made in Italy – from counterfeit, so make a wise choice!

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