Identify the Rash and Treat It Accordingly

You face thousands of environmental stimuli every day, and even more, if you factor in the kind of lifestyle you pursue. Your skin takes all of these stimuli in stride, but some factors lead to dermal reactions. The epidermis changes color and texture.

You may feel pain, itchiness, or fluid buildup. Next thing you know, you have a skin rash.

Distinguish the Benign from the Severe

Now, they may all look the same at first, but you can identify some common dermal reactions. Once you know the cause of these reactions, you can act accordingly with regard to treatment. Some reactions need skin rash treatment here in Provo.

For other kinds, you can stay home and wait for the reactions to go away in time. You can use the guide below for help in identifying your dermal reaction.

Insect Bites or Scratches: Home Treatment

Insect bites and scratches can turn the epidermis surrounding the bitten or scratched area red. You will feel itchy mostly and a little pain sometimes. The bite or scratch area may also swell. As long as you have no other symptoms aside from the ones mentioned, you can simply clean the bite or scratch mark.

It will disappear in a few days.

Chickenpox: Home Treatment

Chickenpox may already be familiar to you. Blisters pockmark the body, and each one contains fluid. Aside from the dermal reactions, you will experience fever, sore throat, and a loss of appetite. For treatment, simply stay at home, drink antihistamines, stop scratching, and wait for a few days.

Shingles: Medical Treatment

The virus causing chickenpox may infect you a second time and create a different dermal reaction called shingles. You will first feel a localized ache, and the surrounding skin will become hypersensitive. Next, clusters of mini-blisters will develop, although sometimes affecting only one side of the body.

As soon as these signs develop, rush to Provo, Utah’s largest clinic. This is where experts can immediately treat the root cause of the dermal reaction and prevent further medical problems for you.

Measles: Home Treatment

Measles may be another familiar dermal infection. The measles virus makes the epidermis red or reddish-brown, beginning on your face and working its way down to your feet. As long as no other complications develop, much like first-time chickenpox, you need only stay at home, drink a large amount of water and take the medication in case of fever.

Drug Allergy: Medical Treatment

The dermal reactions mentioned so far either have viruses or insects as causes. Drug allergy, on the other hand, results from medication that your body is allergic to. Although side effects from medication do happen, you can identify a genuine drug allergy.

This is if you experience severe breathing problems, swelling, and red dermal reactions all over your body. In such cases, rush to the doctor as well; severe drug allergy can be life-threatening if not acted upon promptly.

Herpes Simplex: Medical Treatment

As the last example, when you see open ulcers and weeping sores, you may have herpes simplex. Either the virus of cold sores or genital herpes causes herpes simplex, but to be sure, you can consult a doctor to identify the true cause.

With the simple guide above, you can more or less react calmly but accurately to the dermal reactions you may experience. You will know what to do next, and your skin rash will fade away due to the right treatment.

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