If you Love Touring Southeast Asia: Consider Yacht Investment

We all love Southeast Asia, what’s not to like about pristine beaches and a tropical environment? Then there are the many colorful cultures to be found in this region of the world, along with some of the best cuisines there are, and if you come back year after year, why not invest in a luxury yacht?

The Many Benefits of Yacht Ownership

Let’s say you buy a boat in Singapore and have it moored locally, the yacht broker can carry out all essential maintenance and repairs, making sure that your investment is always in prime condition, they will even source clients to charter the vessel when not in use.

You should receive a steady income during the high season (November – February) and that can be offset against yacht maintenance costs the broker can also source a professional crew for your clients, should that be required.

Of course, when the yacht is not rented out, you can decide to fly out at any time and enjoy a superb holiday cruising the islands of Indonesia and exploring the amazing Andaman Sea. Simply send the broker an email and they will prepare the vessel accordingly and when you and your family arrive, it’s anchor away!

Significant Savings on Future Holidays

Let’s say that you typically spend a 4-8 week holiday in Southeast Asia every year; the cost of high-end accommodation would be considerable, whereas if you own a luxury yacht, you have zero accommodation costs and that adds up over the years to quite a substantial saving.

The yacht broker that looks after your vessel would have mooring facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong; you can meet your boat at any of those countries and plan an idyllic cruise for as long as you wish. Here are a few travel hacks that everyone should know.

Vessel Depreciation

Of course, from the new, the yacht would depreciate at first, but its value would stabilize, providing it is given some TLC and is properly maintained. If you are looking at a long-term investment and are prepared to charter the yacht whenever you can, your asset will hold a steady value over the years. If you buy a second-hand vessel, for example, the depreciation will not be so pronounced and if the boat is well-maintained, you can keep it for many years.

An Alternative to a Vacation Home

Many people decide to invest in a holiday home in the sun and while there’s nothing wrong with this, you could invest in a floating holiday home, namely a luxury catamaran or yacht. Just like you can rent out your villa when not in use, your luxury yacht can be up for charter when you are not using it.

In many ways, this is a more appealing alternative to owning a brick and mortar holiday home, and if you would like to learn more about the benefits of yacht ownership, talk to a leading yacht brokerage and they would be happy to educate you.

Yacht Maintenance

This is perhaps the main reason why people are reluctant to invest in a yacht; maintenance and mooring fees are part and parcel of yacht ownership, yet it isn’t all bad news; you can put your boat up for charter to offset these costs. That said, bricks and mortar asset also requires constant maintenance and that adds up over the years.

Choosing a Vessel

Of course, you should crunch the numbers to find out a suitable budget for the yacht purchase, then you can approach a leading yacht broker and see what they have available. The broker would facilitate the purchase and is always happy to arrange a private viewing and sea trials of any vessel you are interested in. You might prefer a smaller boat like a catamaran, or something a little larger; the broker would have an extensive catalog of used boats for sale, and should you be interested in another vessel, they can usually source a suitable yacht from another broker.

Local Mooring

The yacht broker would have facilities in the following Southeast Asian countries:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong

Once your yacht is moored at one of their facilities, it is always ready to take you and your family on an idyllic holiday, should you wish to meet your yacht in a different location, simply tell the broker and they will arrange for a crew to sail your boat to the agreed meeting point.

Yacht ownership does come with a lot of costs and responsibilities, yet there are also many great benefits. Every yacht must be registered somewhere in the world and your broker can facilitate this, while they also offer all the maintenance services that you would need.

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