Impact of Motivated Sellers in Real Estate

Motivated sellers in the real estate world represent the personification of a perfect lead. Motivated sellers are most likely looking to sell a property in a timely fashion or for less money. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility for the seller’s motivation to play a very important role in a respective deal.

The true impact of motivated seller leads in real estate is much more resounding than many may even realize. As an investor, it is in your best interest to harness their motivation and use it to the advantage of each party involved.

While it is very rare that a seller’s current financial situation will have a significant impact on the price of a home, they can concede thousands of dollars in an attempt to get a deal sooner rather than later. However, the extent to which they are willing to discount a property is typically contingent on their particular motivation.

Please have a look at the most common motivated seller leads in real estate and determine their true impact.

Sellers Looking to Relocate

It is common for someone to buy a home before they have resolved their current living situation. However, those who choose to go this way are under increased pressure to sell their current home, as the impending threat of paying two mortgages is a real possibility. That said, you will come across many motivated sellers in real estate deals who are looking to facilitate a timely transaction for the sole purpose of avoiding taking on a second mortgage.

It is important to note that the level of motivation increases with each passing day. The longer a homeowner goes without selling the property before they move into their next one, the more inclined they will be to discount their home. Further, absorbing the cost associated with two mortgages is not something the average person can handle.

Sellers Facing Some Personal Issues

A motivated seller is someone who is being pressured by what can only be described as subsequent factors. However, those factors can vary between homeowners and personal circumstances are no exception. While other homeowners are just as likely to want to sell sooner rather than later for any number of reasons. Moreover, a divorce or probate or something to a similar effect can motivate a homeowner to sell rather unexpectedly.

While sellers who are facing some personal issues may want to sell their homes quickly. While the asking price is contingent on their particular situation. In some situations, motivated sellers are sometimes less motivated than those who are truly distressed. As a result of this, your offer will need to be reflective of their situation.

However, when you are working with a motivated seller, find out what it is they want out of a sale. If you can determine their true motivation, it will make it a lot easier to determine an offer. So, if you want to get more information related to motivated sellers, you can contact Real Acquisitions which offers pre-motivated distressed property leads in no time.

Sellers Who are at Risk of Foreclosure

Motivated sellers that are facing foreclosure are less prominent now than they were at the depths of the latest recession. Although, they are a viable source of deals for savvy real estate investors in today’s market.

Motivated sellers facing foreclosure are historically recognized as a great source of leads that are in no way to be handled similarly. Motivated sellers facing foreclosure are much more precarious than those who need to sell for personal reasons.

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