Importance of Mess Kit when Traveling on Land

Traveling on land can be exciting yet enduring depending on the road situation. There are times it is enjoyable when there are very seldom obstructions. But at times irritating, especially when the traffic is unbearable and, the worst thing is, you forgot to bring your mess kit.

In any case, you need to bring something to fill in your stomach along the way. You may bring some bread or cookies and a couple of bottled cold drinks. However, when the journey takes too long, these provisions will not be enough and you will eventually crave for hot meals.

Yet, bringing cooked food has its problems as well. There’s the risk of leakage, spillage, and spoilage. Regardless of which it will gonna mess up not only your car but your trip as well. On that note, we’ll be highlighting in this article the importance of a mess kit, especially when traveling on land.


Mess kits are sliver wares that are used in backpacking, camping, and hiking. These wares are containers of food for a long journey. These containers are usually made of metals that can last long amidst the toughest situations.

Moreover, because of its tough body covering, insects or pests cannot infest your food. It will be too hard for cockroaches or even rats to puncture it and steal your food.

Regulate Food Temperature

Because mess kits are made of metals, these tend to react quickly to heat and cold. So, you can either reheat or cool your food. For heating simply submerge the bottom surface into hot water and the food will warm up. Besides, you can cook your food using it.

On the other side, your food will cool down when you put your mess kit on top of a block of ice or cold water. Part of the mess kit is a water container where you can enjoy drinking either hot or cold water or any beverage you like. 

Safe and Sealed

The best mess kit has locks as part of its design that keep the food sealed to prevent leaks or spills. And because it’s made of metal, it can withstand the impact when you might accidentally drop it. That is why it is safe to bring when you are planning to go on a long trip.


Of course, most mess kits come in cute packages. It’s neither bulky nor weighty. Hence, it does not consume so much space in your backpack or whatever traveling bag you are bringing. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere you go.

Easy to Clean

When you’re on a camping trip, cleaning your mess could be tricky, especially after you eat. Using ordinary lunch boxes is always complicated to clean because these are often plastic wares. Thus, greasy or oily substances from food stick and stay long.

Unlike, by bringing a mess kit, you can clean it right away once you’re done eating. You can just throw your leftovers such as fruit peelings, chicken or fish bones, and other rubbish in the trash bins. Meanwhile, you can simply wash your mess kit thoroughly with water even without dishwashing liquid.


With all these insights, it is safe to say that the mess kit is one of the essential must-haves in long travels. Whether you like it or not, you will be hungry for the duration of your ride. Thus, you need to feed yourself with something good to eat.

Well, you’re lucky if there are always fast-food chains or convenience stores along the highway. But it’s not always the case, therefore you must bring your mess kit so that you can bring good food along with you especially when traveling by land.

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