Importance of Using Name Badges in The Company

One of the major problems that people working in a major corporation face is that they often do not know everyone from their company. This is mainly because there are so many people working in the building it is virtually impossible for one person to know them all and to have remembered them as well.

Hence in order to solve this problem of identification, companies started issuing identity cards or name badges for their employees. This was received well in society however over the years we find that many workers have started to dislike wearing these badges as it seems to hinder their fashion outfits. However, there are many important reasons why we should as employees encourage the use of name badges in the workplace.

Putting A Name To A Face

The most important reason why as employees we should encourage this practice of using name badges in the workplace is we can easily put a name to a face. Many times, in the building we find that we have to co-ordinate with various people from different departments, and hence communication, is hindered if we are unable to identify the people, we are working with… It is also good for the employees to interact with people from different departments to allow harmony in the company procedures.

Hence the name badges are an important tool that helps us in ensuring that we name the face of every employee.

Increasing Security

In the workplace, there are many people who constantly come and leave, some of them can be workers such as mechanics, plumbers, and electricians as well. Hence in order to make sure that we can keep a tab on people who have entered the building we have to use the system of name badges.

These name badges come with a bar code that has to be scanned at the entrance of the building to ensure that the specific employee had entered at that time. These name tags also come with a photo of an employee against the name hence the security personnel can always check properly if it is the same person entering the company building or not. Therefore, in order to increase security in the company building, we should also propagate the use of name badges.

Recognition in the Company

Apart from merely putting a name to a face the name badges also allow you to have proper recognition in the company. This way if someone from a different department does not know you can come to know you if they bump into you in the company.

This is great for making sure that you have a strong network. Hence you should not be surprised to know that many people actually promote the usage of name badges in the company so as to build a greater network amongst employees.

Conversation Fillers

The name badges also prove to be very efficient for us when we are having company dinners or annual meets within the companies. They allow you to be addressed in the first person and make you approachable to your employees.

Hence, we can easily say that these are great conversation starters for most of us. This way you can strike up a conversation with many people in the company but belonging to different departments.

Therefore, as you can see that these are some of the important reasons why having name badges in the company is important. There are many other reasons which include facts such as being recognized by the management well and being approachable by the high-ranking officials.

It also makes it easier for the officials to pinpoint which employee has been working great or vice versa, especially in a meeting or conference. Thus, even if they seem to be a burden for some, wearing a named badger must be mandatory in the workplace.

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