Important Apps that should be Installed on a New PC/Laptop

Whether you’ve purchased a new PC or have just reinstalled Windows, you’ll need to install a few important apps. There are dozens of Windows programs available for different users; from PC gamers to students and business people, you need to know the must-have Windows software to make your new installation easy.

Installing the best applications in your new PC isn’t all about the cost involved, or lack thereof. It’s about fresh opportunities – smart collections of codes that make your hardware usable. While stocking your PC with applications is an intensely personal task, these tools can help you accomplish anything from securing your PC to balancing your household budget.

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Must-haves and delightful auxiliary apps for your PC

– Security Software

Recent Windows operating systems such as Windows 8 & 10 come with pre-installed and enabled security software: Windows Defender. When turned on, it’s a sufficient antivirus for most PC users. It would, however, be wise to include an installation of a secondary security program to beat Malwarebytes and other intense virus attacks.

Several free versions of antivirus programs allow you to do a PC scan for malware that Windows Defender may fail to catch. For a blended, powerful security solution, you can use an upgraded or premium version of the free antivirus.

– Steam

Gamers use apps to further enhance the experience. Some come at a price, while others are available for free over the Internet. From must-have utilities to fun communication platforms, tools and apps for gamers have become more necessary than ever.

Steam is a video game digital library distribution service that allows gamers to meet other online players while they play. It offers PC owners a professional and secure ecosystem associated with online streaming.

Powered by a variety of operating systems, this application allows you to search for inexpensive and free games that can be launched directly from the software. It provides management of games across multiple systems, and supports players’ achievements as well as in-game chat and voice functionality.

– Web browsers and essential add-ons

Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed Edge browser, which is serviceable and keeps getting better with every release. However, power PC users tend to favor Firefox and Chrome over Edge, as they are featured by most add-ons. Meanwhile, Mac OS comes with a Safari browser, a solid browser especially if you’re in Apple’s ecosystem.

Google Chrome is the default choice for most users. While it’s popular for being a speedy browser, it also gets bugged. However, it has cross-platform support and a myriad of extensions available that help to counter the bugs. Chrome is also great for Android users since it’s natively possible to sync across devices.

Opera Mini is a feature-rich and slick browser and is based on Chrome’s engine. You can consider this if you’re up for a little experimentation. Vivaldi, on the other hand, offers many powerful user-friendly features and is very customizable, but it’s not as polished as Opera on the UI front.

– Password manager

Avoiding identity theft and tracking hundreds of passwords you’ll create on your new PC is very important. This is done using a good password manager. A password manager such as LastPass or 1Password will pop in to save your passwords, automatically add your ID and passwords to your apps, and will also recommend random password combinations that will help to keep bad actors guessing.

– Ninite

Ninite is a power tool that jumpstarts the process for all PC essentials. It also packages everything by downloading and installing software on your new PC without fuss or fuss. Ninite is mercifully free of the free offers, annoying toolbars, and other adware that get sneaked into your PC by most installers. It’s simple, and it works perfectly.

You just need to visit the Ninite website and check off the apps you would like to install – from image and document, web browsers, media players, and messaging apps among others – and hit the Ninite button.

– Office Suite and email apps

For office productivity, Microsoft Office is king. If you need it for work as you take advantage of the app’s included perks such as the 1TB of OneDrive storage, you can subscribe to Office 365. There are also free alternatives available such as LibreOffice, which is an open-source office suite that provides all the basics for free. The same applies to the WPS Office. For a browser-based office app, collaboration, and sharing, Google Docs is the default option.

iWork is also a great way to get started on presentations, documents, or spreadsheets. It’s an office suite for applications developed by Apple Inc. such as iOS and macOS.

There are many desktop email clients available outside of Outlook and the stock OS options. Some of those include Postbox, Mailbird, and eM Client. Airmail is only supported by Mac.

If you’d like to enjoy the taste of a fresh new machine, delve into the list of essential apps discussed above and many others to get you started. From productivity tools to security utilities, and many suggestions for other areas in between, with special attention to free software that can be downloaded right away. If you’re also looking to acquire a PC in the coming year, look out for the best computers for a guaranteed enjoyable experience.

Most importantly, take your time to update Windows, and in particular all other applications you’ve installed on your PC. Ensure Windows automatic updates are activated so that you receive all updates for your operating system and Microsoft applications installed on your machine.

When your PC and applications are updated regularly, your machine is kept safe from malware that tends to exploit software bugs known as “unpatched vulnerabilities” on your machine. Microsoft provides regular updates to fix these bugs.

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