Important Considerations for Investing in a Treadmill for Your Home Gym

Walking is considered the best form of exercise that suits almost every lifestyle and age. It is a great way to work on the entire body and is also recommended for maintaining many health issues such as diabetes, heart health, and more. For regular gym goers and even bodybuilders, walking is one of the most effective cardio workouts.

However, bad weather, jam-packed schedules, distance and lack of conveyance, etc can make it difficult sometimes to go out for a walk or run. This is where having freemotion treadmills for sale at your home can help. It is also a boon for runners and other athletes as they can train at home anytime.

When buying a treadmill, you will find numerous options with a vast assortment of features. Although such a wide variety allows you to pick the product closest to your needs, it also makes the selection confusing. Here are some important considerations to ponder before making your decision.

Set a budget and avoid going overboard

The number one consideration while buying any fitness equipment for a home gym is your budget. Your pocket capacity is crucial, especially when investing in expensive equipment like a treadmill.

If you want a high-quality treadmill that is comfortable, easy to use, and long-lasting, you might have to spend more. However, you can also find refurbished or little used equipment more affordably. With a little research, you can get a used treadmill in very good condition that also caters to your needs and delivers a variety of features.

Check the motor horsepower

One of the most crucial aspects of the quality of the treadmill is the horsepower delivered by its motors. The power delivered by the motor directly impacts how your work on the machine would feel.

A treadmill with at least 1.5 CHP would be a good choice for regular workouts. If your body weight is more or you are going to run on the treadmill frequently a machine with higher horsepower would be better.

Assess the minimum specifications of the product

Given the market competition, every brand offers additional features to attract customers. However, there are some essentials that you need to look for in the treadmill you choose.

  • Belt size: Generally a belt that is 48” long and 18” wide is good enough. However, if you are tall or have larger strides, you would need bigger belts to run on.
  • Control panel: Make sure the panel is reachable and intuitive.
  • Cushioning and speed: Check for proper shock absorption and the maximum speed that suits your workout style.
  • Inclination: Go for a machine with at least a 10% incline for better outdoor running simulation.
  • Stability: Ensure that the machine is stable and does not shake when you run on it.
  • Space for storage and function: Treadmills often look smaller in stores and bigger in-house. Make sure you have enough space to keep the machine and pick a foldable one for easy storage.

Look for the extras you would need

Your workout needs are unique and so will be the type of treadmill and features you need. To make sure you pick the best-suited machine, answer the following questions yourself before buying.

  • Would you prefer walking or running?
  • Do you need a heart rate and health monitor?
  • What level of incline or decline do you need for outdoor terrain simulation?
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