Important Things You Should Know About Canton Trade Days

Canton is a small town in Texas with around 3500 and a vibrant community located close to Dallas. It is famous for its monthly first Monday trade days, one of the largest flea markets in America, and one of the most happening events that should not be missed.

The small town of Canton is swarmed with shoppers during the Canton trade days. If you have not visited this event, here are some important things you need to know to make the most of your trip to this flea market fiesta:


The History Behind Canton Trade Days

This flea market is hosted in Canton every month before the first Monday and runs from Thursday thru Saturday. Back in the 1850s, the circuit judge would visit Canton on first Mondays to conduct court proceedings. This drew the local audiences who would flock to the venue to observe the proceedings. As a result, businesses started to leverage the influx of visitors and set up shopping stalls to sell their products. From humble beginnings, this event has since then been flourishing and running every month. Today the market boasts of over 6,000 vendors who sell all kinds of products.


Places to Shop at Canton First Monday

Spanning across 450 acres, various shopping areas hosts different items for sale:

  • Vendor Fields – Featuring regular vendors that display rows and rows of new crafts and products with a western appeal, they are popular with shoppers trying to bargain and getting the best deals on bespoke items.
  • Canton Civic Center – Climate-controlled indoor area, this pavilion features slightly upscale items, and you can also catch concerts during the trade days weekend here.
  • Trade Centers – There are four trade centers in the event. These are large covered areas that exhibit home décor, antique items, clothing, and more.
  • Lewis Section – Runs adjacent to the original first Monday park; this section features Arbors 1, 2, and 3 with creekside shops and outdoor booth spaces.
  • Old Mill Marketplace – This shopping complex at Canton trade days features seven shopping pavilions, the village shops, the mountain, and an RV park

If you are a first-time visitor, it’s recommended to get a map to navigate through Canton’s expansive shopping area.


Best Time to Visit Canton Trade Days

Generally, Thursdays and Fridays are relatively less crowded than the weekend. However, during the weekends, you can hunt for the best bargains since the vendors are more likely to accept a drop in prices. The best months to visit Canton and make the most of the shopping is during the Spring and Fall seasons. The summers in Canton can get pretty hot with temperatures rising to 100.3°F.  You can try shopping outdoors in the early morning hours and proceed to the indoor areas later in the day.


Tips to Make the Most of the Canton Flea Market

Here are some helpful pointers when visiting the first Monday flea markets in Canton:

  • Take cash as most vendors in the field, and food vendors accept only cash. Ensure to carry lots of change for smaller purchases.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing to spend long hours shopping and soaking in the sunshine of Texas.
  • Examine the items’ condition before buying to check the authenticity of what the vendors claim, especially when it comes to antique items.
  • Remember where you have parked your car.
  • It’s ok to bargain price as long as it’s a win-win.
  • Free trolley services available to maneuver around the space.
  • You can take kids and pets along as long as they are comfortable to walk and shop.
  • Hotels are available for an overnight stay if you want to shop for more than one day.

Exploring the Canton trade days is like a unique treasure hunt where you will find one of a kind items. Support the small and local Canton businesses and take home a treasure trove of lovely items that you can cherish. There’s something for everyone, making the visit to this flea market a truly memorable experience.

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