How To Improve Productivity Using A Strategic Plan

Improving productivity is key to raising profitability and reputation, especially for businesses. However, improving productivity isn’t that easy if you don’t know where you are faltering in terms of productivity. Therefore, you need to determine where you are being less productive, knowing why you are being less productive, and taking steps to improve your productivity. Learn how to boost your productivity using a strategic plan via the information below.

In order to improve productivity, you need to know when you are being most productive and when you are being less productive. Therefore, it makes sense to set up a plan that outlines what tasks and goals you want to achieve for the day. Outline your day much like a teacher outlines a lesson plan for his/her students. Plot out time periods when you will be doing one task versus another task. Then, monitor your progress.


At the end of the day, review what tasks you completed for the day and what tasks you didn’t. Also, determine how long it took you to complete the tasks you completed. See if you completed the tasks on time, faster than you expected, or slower than you expected. Determine why you didn’t complete those tasks as quickly as you expected. Was it a lack of focus and being distracted? Was it some distraction that you didn’t expect or you didn’t account for, etc.? Determine whether you could have avoided or prevented the distraction, then take steps to ensure that distraction doesn’t keep you from achieving the tasks and goals you set out to achieve again.

For the tasks that you didn’t complete, again, determine why you didn’t complete them. Was it due to the fact that other tasks took longer than expected, and if so, why? Were you worried about these future tasks and the challenges they posed, which led to you slowing down your work on your earlier tasks because you lost focus? Evaluate what tasks you didn’t complete and/or get to and make adjustments to your work schedule to ensure you can get the tasks you want to complete in one day completed in one day.


By setting up a daily plan and analyzing it at the end of each day, you can see where you are being most productive and where you are falling short. You can also determine why you are falling short and take steps to improve your productivity. By doing this regularly, you will become more productive, profitable, and successful in your business.

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