Increase Home’s Value with Paint Colors

There are lots of things that come together to influence the market value of a home. You can think of a few: the home’s location, its dimensions (square footage, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and the size of the kitchen), the age of the property, the condition of its structures and systems, the number of amenities or quality of appliances, and the appeal of the outdoor areas.

These are mostly tangible features that can be measured objectively. But not all attributes that make a home valuable are tangible and measurable. Some are emotional and their impact on your home’s value is hard to quantify.

Paint Colors

One of those intangible attributes is the color of the home. The colors on the interior and exterior surfaces of your home should not be viewed just as mere paint.

Paint color plays a huge role in determining the overall appeal of your home to potential buyers. It affects the desirability of the home to a point where it influences how much buyers offer for it, explains Avalon a  property management company.

Just changing wall paint – while leaving everything else as they are – can boost the value of your home by a whole lot. But that is if you know the best colors to choose.

Choosing the best colors for your home

Choosing the best colors for your home

The problem with choosing colors for your home is that color is very personal; two people will rarely have the same favorite colors. Even if they like similar colors, they may favor different shades of it. Or one person may like the color of their car, while the other prefers it for their clothes. This makes choosing the best colors for your home very challenging.

But some colors have universal appeal. And, some colors are preferred by homebuyers because they are the trending colors as promoted by the best home design experts. If you paint your home in the colors buyers are looking for during a given period, you are sure of getting the best value for it.

Here are the colors that are currently fetching the best sales prices for homeowners.

Colors that will increase your home’s value

Colors that will increase your homes value

Based on actual market feedback, these were the colors that made the most impact on the value of a property.

Blue shades in the kitchen

Interior of white modern kitchen with minimalist design of white cabinets blue backsplash and black built in appliances

In the past, the kitchen color with the most positive impact on a home’s sales price was yellow. That preference has shifted and the kitchen colors most likely to make your home sell for more are shades of light blue to soft gray.

Conversely, the kitchen color that will spoil the home’s value the most is red.

Purple and blue hues for the bathroom

In the bathroom, the colors that made the most difference were different hues of powder blue and periwinkle. The impact of painting a bathroom powder blue was almost twice the impact of painting it in periwinkle.

Both colors will have a major impact on how a home is valued by buyers.

Pale taupe and light beige in the living room

Oatmeal, light beige, and pale taupe are the colors that currently offer the best ROI in the living room. Using these shades produced results that were slightly better than using light-gray neutrals in this room.

Generally, for living rooms, neutral colors like gray, beige, and light browns offer the best results.

Blues in the bedroom

Since bedrooms serve as the place where people offload the day’s stress, using soothing colors in this space always works. Maybe this is why blue remains a staple for the bedroom, probably because of the calming effects of this color.

The most impactful shades of blue for the bedroom are those between light cerulean and cadet blue.

Slate blue and pale gray for the dining room

Navy blue, slate blue, and pale gray are the dining room colors that fetch the most money for homeowners. When choosing shades of light gray, warm tones are better than lighter ones; the lighter the shade, the colder the room tends to feel.

Infusing white accents into navy blue also gets good results.

Bold or unusual colors for the front door

The front entryway is very important when choosing colors for the home. The front door gives visitors a taste of what to expect inside the home. The topmost valuable colors to paint your front doors are navy blue, black, dark gray, and charcoal; with black and charcoal gray delivering the best results.

Depending on the colors of other exterior parts of the home, plum red or classic red are also good choices.

Greige for the home’s exterior

Greige, which is a mixture of gray and beige, creates the most impact on a home’s value when the home’s exterior is painted in that color. This color outperformed homes that were painted in white or other colors traditionally used for a home’s exterior.

As a rule, neutral tones make the best color choices for the home. In addition to the above, other colors to consider are warm grays, soft whites, light pastels, creamy off-whites, and velvety beige.

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