7 Things You Should Do To Increase Mood and Work Productivity Before Clocking in

The mood you have upon arriving at the office can have a big impact on your work productivity. Thus, it’s important to set the mood right and make sure you feel comfortable before starting to work.

Before opening the laptop and checking incoming e-mail, you should do the following things below, which will be very effective to improve your mood and make your work more productive.

1. Arrive at the office before the office hour

Arriving at the office before the actual working hour is one of the best things you can do to set your mood properly for the rest of the day. Can you imagine if you rush to the office, and end up being late due to traffic? Your mood will definitely dwindle along with your productivity.

Having more spare time before working can help you to be able to do all the things below with more ease.

2. Greet your colleagues

Having a fun and comfortable work environment is one of the factors that can make you work productively. And one ultimate way to help you feel comfortable in your office environment is by having good friendships with co-workers.

When you arrive at the office, don’t hesitate to greet them and engage in small talk.

3. Clean the work desk

Have no time yesterday to clean up your cubicle? It is only natural that your work desk state is currently in disarray!

Ensuring you clean all of this first, is very important if you want to be in complete zen before starting to work. Clean office desk of any clutter or piles of paper, afterward wipe the surfaces with antibacterial wet wipes to get rid of dust, dirt, or viruses that may stick on the surface.

Working in a clean and tidy place will help you to be more productive. Thus you can produce high-quality work much easier.

4. Have your favorite breakfast menu

Eating your favorite menu is the easiest thing you can do, to set your mood in a good way. If you are one of those people who like to skip breakfast at home and prefer to eat at the office, you should do this to set a good mood so that work is more productive.

You can choose your favorite food for breakfast, or enjoy a cup of coffee before starting your work. Remember to have breakfast at the pantry, not at your work desk. You don’t want to dirty up your work desk again, which you cleaned earlier.

5. Make yourself relaxed

After breakfast is over, you can take a moment to relax. There are various ways you can do it, such as listening to your favorite song or doing various stretching movements and breathing exercises. By letting your body and mind relax, you will be better prepared to do the various jobs that await you today.

6. Checking and updating the to-do list

After calming your mind and having breakfast you can start doing work activities such as checking and updating your to-do list. Write down the different jobs you need to do for the day.

To ensure all work tasks are completed on time, you should make a sequence based on the priority scale. Also, take into account the time you have to complete each task so that the to-do list is really specific and looks realistic to complete.

You need to set a work agenda in the first hour before starting the actual work.

7. Make time to read

If you still have free time before office hours start, you should follow the habit of what most successful people do in the morning, reading.

According to a study by Thomas C. Corley, 80% of successful people spend about 30 minutes each day reading educational literature.

You can follow in their footsteps and spend the remaining time you have reading biographies of successful people, personality development books, or a newspaper.

The to-do list has been made, your mood is already great. When it’s time to clock in, you will be ready to start working productively! Morning is the best time for you to work optimally because your brain is still refreshed, thus ensuring you make the best time out of it is important.

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