Increase Your Home’s Value with These Paint Colors

The colors of your home are the first introduction visitors get to your property. Colors can make or break your home.

From the very first minute they approach the building, people note the colors of the lawn, fence, exterior walls, siding, roof, front entryway, and windows.

Their first impressions are a response to the combined effect of those colors. That feeling is cemented as they come closer and observe the features of the home in greater detail.

If the colors of your home don’t make a first good impression, the details will not win them over.

This is why it is so important to be strategic in your choice of colors for your home. As Level Management Group explains, the colors of the exterior and interior areas of the home are its first selling point.

If you want those colors to leave a positive mark on visitors and potential buyers, you must choose them with care.

What are the important things to know when selecting colors for your home?

selecting colors for your home

– How space will be used

The color scheme in a room must match the primary use that the room will be put to. The colors in a bedroom should promote sleep and intimacy. Those in the living room should encourage conversations and play.

But beyond helping to create the right mood in rooms, the type of paint is also important. High traffic zones in the home and areas that are exposed to moisture require a specific type of paint.

– The size of a room

The size of rooms and their features influence the way they should be painted. Large rooms will often need a color scheme that will make them appear cozier, while small rooms need to feel roomier.

The features of the room should be highlighted or disguised depending on if they make the room better or diminish its appeal. The height of the ceiling also influences the color scheme.

– Lighting

The quality of lighting, as well as the colors of the furniture and décor in a room, will interplay with the colors on the walls to determine the overall ambiance of the room. Natural lighting will give you the best results in most cases. Artificial lighting should be layered to ensure it provides sufficient illumination.

Also, think of the colors and patterns of the furnishings when choosing colors for your rooms.

That said, what are the best colors to use for your home?

Since colors affect a potential buyer’s first impression of your home, can you also use colors to influence how much the buyer offers for the property? The answer is yes! Studies have shown that there is a solid link between the colors of your home and how much a buyer is likely to pay for it.

Here are the colors that are likely to improve your home’s value the most.

Colors that will improve your home’s value

Blues, grays, whites, and greens shades have always been the best performing group of neutral colors for the home. These colors have a calming effect that makes rooms feel inviting. Current data shows that these shades of color still dominate buyers’ choices.

Based on the experiences of sellers across the country, these are the best colors to paint your rooms.

– Bathroom colors

Bathrooms are one of the few luxuries that everyone can afford. Buyers want bathroom colors that are amenable to mood lighting but also suitable for taking quick showers in the morning. The color that does this best is light blue and painting your bathroom in this color is sure to boost the value of your home.

– Bedroom Colors

Bedroom Colors

Dark blue colors are the best for the bedroom because they foster a cozy environment. Buyers want to feel a sense of safety and trust when they enter their bedrooms. They also want colors that help them wind down at the end of the day. Dark blue does all of these.

– Living rooms

In the living room, lighter neutrals such as creamy shades of off-white and light gray will improve your home’s market value the most. These colors are timeless and because they adapt so easily to any kind of furniture or décor, buyers can easily picture themselves living in the home.

– Kitchen

Kitchen colors

Kitchens are easily the most difficult room to choose a color scheme for. You have to be careful to balance the colors of the floor, countertop, backsplash, and cabinets with the colors on the walls. The color that does the best job of tying together the features of the kitchen is white.

– Exterior paint

The number one paint color for the exterior of your home, based on how much buyers were willing to pay for homes painted in this color is greige. Greige is a combination of grey and beige. Homes painted in green sold for more than $1,526 above similar homes that were painted in white.

– Front door

The final piece of the equation for selecting high-performing paint colors for your home is the color of the front entryway. The front door doesn’t get enough attention, but it is a focal point for anyone entering your home. The top colors to paint the front door are shades of navy blue to dark gray or charcoal.

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