Increase your Productivity with Two Amazing Mobile Apps

The technological advancement in which we are all immersed, in the medium and long term, could cause a progressive loss of useful time for our activities, for cultivating our real interests, or even simply for earning more money and being more productive.

Think for example about the way we are used to using our cell phones: if each of us were to draw up a list of the different activities we perform with our device, we would realize that almost none of them can increase our productivity, and that on the contrary, they represent sources of distraction for our work, our social or family commitments, thus distracting us from our earning opportunities.

Keep track of your daily usage

An extremely useful means of keeping track of the applications we use the most, throughout each day, is already included on most cell phones and is represented by the weekly (or daily) summary of the device’s usage.

If you’ve just noticed that you’re not using your cell phone very productively and that you’re only engaging in supposedly leisurely activities like social media, Netflix, or video games, don’t worry – most people use their cell phones just like you do, and many of them have even learned to use them in ways that suit their personal needs.

Many people seem to view their phone as just another means of entertainment, as if it should only be used for their hobbies or lighter activities, such as checking out the latest updates on social media or streaming their favorite TV shows.

We have news for you: the cell phone is a very powerful tool that can improve your life, sometimes making it much easier and more pleasant in many circumstances. Phones can also become an excellent tool to reinvigorate personal earnings, perhaps through a progressive specialization in the use of an App dedicated to sales, trading, or other activities of the same kind.

The success of this method is not ensured by the fragile promises of some guru, and is not even one of the teachings contained in those lucky courses for personal self-development, but is supported and demonstrated by pure and simple mathematics, the most indisputable of all sciences.

By dedicating a certain amount of your daily time to the use of certain Apps, your life and health will surely improve, and in many ways.

Two apps that will change your day

It’s no coincidence that some of the best free apps for cell phones are precisely those dedicated to productivity and time optimization: a prime example of this type of application is undoubtedly Notion, available for free for all Android users.

In addition to the possibility of inserting customized reminders, the application also allows you to create shared workspaces and to better organize all the tasks of the day, dividing them into convenient folders that will appear lined up in perfect order. The free version of this application allows users to create up to a thousand blocks of content, allowing everyone to set a completely different tone for their daily routine.

Another application aimed at increasing productivity, albeit indirectly, is Unhabit, which can be downloaded for free by all iPhone users. The purpose of this useful application is in fact to limit the user’s access to certain sites, especially those that take up the most time, thus freeing up more time for more interesting and profitable activities.

Unhabit can also work through an extension to be installed on Safari or in the browser you usually use to browse, making it possible to immediately block any site. Technology, in this sense, becomes a concrete means to make significant improvements in your life, making it much healthier and balanced.

Even some of the best UAE sports betting sites offer the possibility to download their applications for free on any cell phone: simply and intuitively, as well as completely legal and risk-free, each player can comfortably choose the site that best suits his tastes, placing his sports bets in total serenity.

Each site has been carefully evaluated by a team of experts in the field, and is, therefore, a guarantee of safety and reliability. Another fundamental criterion for choosing the best sites is the quality of customer service: the service must be offered in a polite, friendly, and efficient manner, or it will be immediately discarded.

The player can therefore be sure that he can place his bet with great peace of mind, without expecting any nasty surprises.

Using your time productively, from a certain point of view, is one of the most valuable individual achievements imaginable. With the help of technology, the path to a more serene and productive life is laid out in front of us, without any obstacles or hindrances whatsoever.

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