Innotox 50: Innovations Against Aging

Innotox 50 units are considered an innovative toxin type A product developed by the South Korean company Medytox Inc. This solution is frequently referred to as one of the safest and most efficient alternatives to Botox since it features healing properties and has a better formula.

Thanks to these innovations that enhance the efficiency of the product, Innotox 50 units is very popular in many countries all over the world as an effective substitution for Botox.

A big share of the merit of the solution’s success belongs to its manufacturer. Medytox Inc. is considered one of the world’s largest Biopharmaceutical companies originating in South Korea. It has earned a well-established reputation as a provider of safe and effective products used for different purposes.

When the Innotox 50 product is the most effective

The major purpose of this solution is to eliminate the negative effect of the most frequent cosmetology issues. Thus, the Innotox 50 solution is applied to mitigate or eliminate the impact of blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, spastic crooked, facial wrinkles, increased sweating of the palms/armpits, a wrinkle between eyebrows, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth and so on.

Thus, Innotox 50 is applied in the facial areas. It’s used in the form of injections delivered to the forehead, the area between eyebrows, the area around the eyes, nose, and lips, the chin, neck, neckline, and nose bridge.

For what purposes does Innotox 50u suit best

Innotox is a harmless alternative to Botox and different types of surgeries. With a series of injections, a professional cosmetologist can perform the correction of the nose and face shape, and resolve the issues with the positioning of lips, and deep wrinkles in different facial areas.

The injections of the product are also suggested after surgeries since the properties of the solutions help to deal with scars and other issues common after plastic surgeries. What’s more, this toxin types A product is an efficient solution for those who somehow need to deal with facial nerve neuritis. Innotox is considered one of the best alternatives to traditional treatments for this issue.

The full list of the problems that can be eliminated by Innotox is as follows:

  • Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Wrinkles in between the eyebrows and above the nose bridge. 
  • “Goose legs” around the eyes.
  • Outward corners of the lips.
  • Pronounced creases in the nasolabial triangle.
  • Dermatohalazis (leather above the eyelid).
  • Asymmetry facial features.
  • Horizontal and vertical creases on the neck and in the neckline.
  • Violation of the symmetry of the lips that paresis caused.
  • Hypertrophy of the chewing muscle when the lower jaw is very massive.
  • Blepharospasm.
  • Hemifacial spasm.
  • Hyperhidrosis (the substance is introduced into the armpits for the treatment of increased sweating).

As you can see, Innotox is quite an efficient solution in many cases, and unlike Botox, it cannot be considered just a beauty injection since it helps to deal with some serious health issues.

How is Innotox 50 able to achieve such results?

Innotox is introduced to one’s body through injections into the targeted muscles. The molecule of the product will then attach to the nerve, get into neurons, and impact the specific protein. This will help the solution to dissolve the linking between signals and immobilize muscle tissue.

Thus, since muscles can no longer contract, deep wrinkles will no longer occur since they occur due to the intensive work of muscle tissue.

Such a principle of the work of this solution helps to achieve great results soon after the procedure itself. Afterward, clients have a corrected shape of the face and improved positioning of lips and eyebrows.

On average, such effects become visible 3 or 5 days after the procedure. However, consider that these are just the first effects. Innotox 50 units is a solution designed for long-term impact — a single treatment can help the effects last for 6 months and more.

What are the advantages of the product?

  • The Innotox solution is liquid, meaning it can be used without adding any other components or mixing it with water.
  • The product is manufactured by a reliable and respectable provider of biopharmaceutical solutions.
  • It has the smallest diffusion among all botulinum toxins known today.
  • It is not sensitive to temperature differences, unlike solid-phase drugs.
  • Innotox does not contain proteins, albumin, or gelatin, compared to other similar drugs.
  • The effect lasts up to 8 months, unlike other botulinum toxins in which the effect persists for up to 4 months.
  • The minimum risk of side effects is if the procedure is carried out by a qualified professional.

Are there any side effects caused by Innotox 50 u?

In the majority of cases, the use of Innotox 50u doesn’t lead to any side effects, even the most insignificant ones. The properties of the product help to avoid them. However, sometimes the following side effects can occur:

  • Local reactions — these are side effects that will disappear in around a week. Mostly, these are reactions caused by physical damage, such as bruises. They might be somewhat painful but they aren’t supposed to last for a long period.
  • Systematic reactions — these are side effects that impact the bloodstream. They are more serious than local reactions because they might lead to poor general well-being. The symptoms are quite common to the ones caused by the flu.
  • Specific reactions — these are side effects that occur if the patient has any contraindications to the product. 

In any case, all these side effects can be avoided or neutralized completely if the procedure is carried out by a professional.

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