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Innovative Ways to Use a Golf Cart

The electric golf cart has been around for quite a few years, primarily used for ferrying golfers around the course, and these simple, yet hardy little buggies have made their way into other areas outside of the golf course.

Here are a few examples of Electric Vehicle use today.

  • Real Estate – The property developer operates a fleet of golf carts that are used to take potential clients to view a plot of land or a house that’s in the process of being built. The buggy is ideal as it can handle a range of surfaces, needs very little maintenance, and can even be enclosed for rainy days. Next time you drive into a luxury housing development, notice the buggies plugged in at the main reception and if you make an inquiry, you’ll get a ride in their golf cart.
  • Corporate Hospitality – How to get a VIP from A to B? The reliable golf cart is the perfect solution and with golf cart spare parts stored by UGO, a leading Thai supplier, the fleet is always up and running, ready to ferry guests around the venue. Plastic sides are rolled up and can be dropped at a minute’s notice, plus the fat tires make for a smooth ride on all surfaces. When the private jet arrives, a golf cart might take them to the waiting limousine, with all their luggage loaded on board.
  • Touring a Large Facility – The safest and most convenient way to take visitors around a large facility is the good old golf cart, and more importantly, these tough little buggies are very cheap to run. They are easy to drive and very reliable, which is important when receiving visitors and with a few spares, the resident mechanic can quickly fix any issues. Another reason businesses use EVs is to demonstrate their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint; it is important to lead by example.
  • Airport Transport – Airports are huge and one form of staff transport is the golf cart, which would typically have flashing lights and is driven by an employee. This might be to get late passengers to their gate, or to move special cargo from one part of the terminal to another. VIPs are sometimes whisked away on an EV, dodging the paparazzi and taking the celebrity to their waiting limousine. Here are a few eco-friendly travel ideas to consider if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Hospitals – Some hospitals have several large buildings and with car parking often some distance away, golf carts are used to ferry people to their respective destinations. These buggies would run inside and outside, facilitating easy travel within the hospital and when not in use, they are all parked at the charging station. Hospitals are always looking for ways to cut costs and the golf cart is the cheapest way to get the job done.
  • Sports – Of course, every golf club has a fleet of golf buggies, which can be hired by players. Not everyone wishes to travel in style, some golfers prefer a human caddy and using their two legs; although there are times when players have limited time, and using a cart is the quickest way to complete around. You will see golf carts at the soccer World Cup and the Olympics, which are used for a multitude of tasks, and track and field have a fleet waiting to ferry injured athletes to a waiting ambulance.
  • MotorSport – E-racing is developing in every motorsport sector, with Formula E leading the way, while the MotoGP has an E-bike championship, even rally cars are going electric, as are dragsters! In the pits, you will find many golf carts to take people to and from various sections.
  • Colleges and Universities – Large learning institutions use carts to ferry people from one building to another, which is safer than allowing people to use their cars inside the campus. At the end of the day, buggies take students to the car park, which might be a few miles! People who are visiting the campus would be transported using golf carts, which are ideal.
  • Industrial Developments – Large electricity generating stations would operate a fleet of golf carts, which is the quickest and safest way to relocate people to various parts of the complex. NASA has been using golf carts for decades, even taking astronauts to the launch pad and ferrying the press, who are always in attendance.

The golf cart might have had a humble beginning, but today, this hardy little buggy is used in so many industries and sectors and no one is more committed to EVs than the Thai government, as this article highlights. If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable way to help people get around, Google is your best friend and can help you locate a local golf cart supplier.

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