Insightful Nuggets for Buying Air Filters Online

Buying your filter for your HVAC system can be an exciting journey – strolling through the multitude of producers out there in the market. It is a journey fraught with risks as well. The wrong choice of a MERV filter not only means your HVAC system getting damaged sooner (with deterioration in its energy efficiency), it could also mean the air in your home getting congested with a bevy of contaminants and allergens.

Insightful Nuggets for Buying Air Filters Online

Thus, what you should keep in mind when you go online to buy your online filters?

Buying single filters online vs. buying in bulk?

It is quite a natural inclination to buy a single filter. However, if you are not using air filter subscription services (that would save you the stress of constant filter replacement), then the enormous responsibility falls on your shoulders to perpetually change your air filter to sustain the optimal functionality of your HVAC equipment.

This is why you would want to go with a bulk purchase not only to save you the stress of going back repeatedly to buy but also to enjoy discounts on bulk purchases. You may get a single air filter retailing at $17.72 while you can find a pack of five air filters retailing at $52.99.

Impulsively, you would jump on a single purchase being that $17.72 is far easier on the pocket than $52.99. Nonetheless, if you settle down to do the math, you see that buying in bulk is more economically convenient in the long run. $52.99 for six means you are buying one at $8.83. This obviously is a far better bargain than $17.72.

Buying the Nominal size vs. the Actual size online

This is a popular pothole many air filters buyers collapse into avoidable.  It is common to buy the wrong size when you buy your air filters online. Returning this could also prove a considerable bottleneck factoring in shipping costs while waiting for a refund and possibly acquiring the correct size again. Many buyers are not well acquainted with filter sizing when they jump online for purchase.

You have to understand that the nominal dimension is the sizing appearing on the filter’s label. However, you shouldn’t precisely take the numbers for it as most are rounded numbers. For example, where you have a nominal dimension for an air filter online at 17x22x1, the dimensions in real life could be around 16.5×21.5x.75. This small deviation can prove seriously consequential if you aren’t delegating your air filter replacement to an air filter subscription service.

It is common for manufacturers to vary these dimensions. This is why you should carefully confirm the actual size before placing your order. This is essential when you are changing the previous air filter with one from a different manufacturer.

Most times if you look carefully at the air filter label, you would see the actual size denoted directly under the nominal size. In another scenario, the manufacturer could explicitly state the actual size of the air filter in the product description. This is common when you are buying from Amazon.

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